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    pleaseeee can someone tell me what are the most common google adwords for handmade jewellery?and do you think is it worth to try ?i have a very very small budget for that ,after buying so many expensive beads to make my jewellery


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    I can't speak for jewellery, but we did try with our £75 free voucher, found it a complete waste of time.

    I was getting visits from all sorts of strange sites.

    Look at other ways first.

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      I've got quite a comprehensive program for analysing the stats. for my handmade jewellery site and the 4 most popular keyword searches are jewellery, silver, handmade and bespoke. Although I personally don't use google adwords I know a few people who have had success using them. The key is to monitor your stats and keywords carefully, changing them when necessary and to set your budget and do not go above it.

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        Google provide a tool to help you choose words, its really good, I am going to give it a try with my tags etc..

        www . google . com / insights / search/ (sorry not enough posts to put a proper link!!)

        The top two searches was silver jewellery and the top rising search was handmade wedding jewellery.

        Hope this helps

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          We had a £50 free voucher when we set up the website with fasthosts.

          The key is to keep an eye on what words are being searched the most and change the ones that people are not searching.

          Off the top of my head, the words that worked for us were :

          hand crafted jewellery, charm bracelets, unique, fun gifts.

          When you do put your list in, they usually come up with some suggestions as well.

          Worked ok for us, but it was free

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            I run a small google ads campaign all the time. It gets the site and products noticed in places/countries where it can take a long time to get into just relying on slowly working your way up the search rankings.

            My budget is £3 a day . . I have 8 text adds that are set to run when specific keywords are triggered. My keyword list is just over 30 long.
            It took a bit of time setting it up . . but was worth it. £3 a day doesn't sound a lot . . but multiply that on a monthly basis and it's quite an advertising budget for a small business . . but it is paying off.

            My plan is to scale down the campaign a little after another 2 months then ramp it up again for the buying season in Autumn in the run up to Christmas.

            Whether it will be worth it for you is another matter . . I do think to some extent that the type of product you have can determine whether a google ads campaign is the right way forward. In my case it suits perfectly . . but I agree with Jane . . there are other ways which are available to you.

            Try getting listed in the following directories for a start:


            Local craft fairs/fetes
            ads in the local supermarket (free)
            ads in local libraries
            create a good blog

            List a few items on Etsy or Folksy . . it'll help push you up the google rankings . . use your current name so google can link them in it's HUGE computer . . try listing on a site called Artfire . . . . it's similar to Etsy but has an easier listing window. A basic shop (studio they call it!) is free and they don't charge listing fee's or commission.

            Hope this helps

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              Some great advice there Gloria I also will be looking into what you have suggested.

              There really are some fab peeps on here
              Sarah & Sue

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                Before using adwords consider buying the book called "long tail" .. If you haven't got time then just read this

                ROI (return on investment) is what its all about... (PPC)Pay per click allow you to work out what converts to a sale and what its cost per sale... The biggest problem is if you only make say £1 per sale then PPC may cost to much... If £5 on adwords = 1 sale which make you £10 profit then its a winner and consider investing more...

                Its very easy to manage on a basic level and tiny budget e.g. less than £100 per day...

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