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Any silversmith jewellers out there???

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  • Any silversmith jewellers out there???

    One of our friends is getting married at the end of May and he's only just started looking at a wedding gift for his b2b. He's seen a 'handmade' silver bangle which can be personalised with words of his choice which he likes but I said I'd ask here too as I know there are some of you who work in silver who might offer something similar.

    If you do have things like this on your website and end of May isn't too tight a deadline can you please list your site below and I'll pass them on to him?

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    I'd think any of us could personalise a bangle for him. I make those bangles but don't have any on my website at the moment.
    Best wishes


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      Ooooh your bangles are so beautiful, I'll definitely give him your website and tell him you can personalise them

      Originally posted by Glitterbug View Post
      I'd think any of us could personalise a bangle for him.
      That's the problem, I told him there were a few silversmith jewellers (sorry that's probably not the right term) on here and then my mind went blank and I couldn't remember any names.
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        Hiya, I also do bangles that can have personalised charms & stones set. I think I know the ones you mean though as I've seen them on notonthehighstreet they have engraving going all around the sides of the bangles and they do rings aswell.

        Also chillibun does bangles too.

        Anyway good luck and hope you find what you want!!


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          I do a couple of different types & fonts, is this the sort of thing you mean? Can do round bangle, oval bangle or cuff bangle (good for big hands with small wrists)

          Nic xx
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            That's a lovely bangle there, I like it with the rectangle wire!! I think I'd have terrible trouble stamping like that with the stamps slipping, lots of half letters!!! I cheat and stamp silver clay, can scrunch it up and start again if I go wrong lol!

            Lucy xx



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              Hiya, I'm another one of the jewellers and can do engraving with my little pantograph (technical term, sorry!) - but it can do swirly writing like on the ring on my website at if you click on Gallery then Cats and Dogs, then scroll down to the band rings there's one that says Miaow, with a paw print cut out - but I can do bangles that say anything you like

              Sorry I can't put a link but I've not posted enough times yet!
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