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  • Scrimps or crimps

    Hi all,

    I used to use crimps to finish my jewellery and used to find them very annoying! I now use scrimps...

    I just wondered if you had heard of them and what you think of them. They are more expensive but look great and I love them...

    Does anyone agree?

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    Scrimps are a new one on me?????? So I did a quick search and found out what they are - seems like they are just like crimps but with a little screw on the side that you tighten up instead of squashing.

    Think I prefer to keep using crimps.

    Found a pic here - click on the small image at the left of the screen.

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      I saw these last time I was in Fred Aldous. I thought they looked big and clumsy.
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        Ridiculously expensive IMO.

        I also wouldn't trust anything that relied on a screw - especially in sterling, which is really far too soft. I agree with Goldy about the size too - a well placed crimp (either magic or tornado) looks far neater.


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          Urg, no Scrimps here - my eyesight is bad enough without having to squint in order to tighten teeny screws.

          I'll stick with crimps thanks!
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            I'm not a fan of them either I'm afraid.....I would be concerned about a screw working loose over time from movement and vibration, and then your wire would slip out.

            If you're making jewellery for yourself, then they could be useful in that you can unscrew and reuse them, but I if you're selling your jewellery I think you need to use something that will stay on permanently.

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              I also prefer crimps and I find them quicker than scrimps!!
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                I love scrimps! So far, none of my bracelets or necklaces have come undone. I find them much more secure than ordinary crimps.