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  • found me a hammer

    I ordered some things from Lavidalerie and she kindly sent me some earwires called "get me a hammer", so i got me a hammer and one of those very cute little anvils and had a bash, and made these which were also inspired by MissGeorges chalcedony earrings

    then got carried away with the hammer and started making links and made this necklace, again with the chalcedony and tiny beads of amethyst, blue topaz, peridot and citrine

    then carried on and made my own earwires and these moonstones and the same little beads

    i am loving my hammer they are all a bit wonky but its fun

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    lovely work

    I like the earings in top piccy

    Well done

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      Lovely! Looks like you had fun too
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        Beautiful! It's amazing isn't it at how one can be so creative with what is essentially a blunt instrument! . . did it make ya feel good bashing away with the hammer? Bet it did!

        I saw a pair of earrings on Etsy the other day . . spiral shaped . . made from S/silver wire . . they had been hammered flat.

        But I'm thinking it won't stop at the earwires will it? . . cos you could do a whole style in this way . . pendant drops . . bangles . . earring drops . . etc etc etc.
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          I love them all. Well done, think I need to be hammering something as I'm feeling a bit stressed!!!!!! maybe some pottery will have to do for me though!
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            But I'm thinking it won't stop at the earwires will it? . . cos you could do a whole style in this way . . pendant drops . . bangles . . earring drops . . etc etc etc.
            nope im already thinking about what i can do next! this place is great for inspiration, i would never had thought i could have done that a few months ago!


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              love all 3 but the top ones are gorgeous, what a fab stress reliever... you will soon have a whole range of beautiful hammered jewellery
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                Hi Gail - The earrings are gorgeous, you make me feel such a twit I would never have thought of using the earwires like that, this was how I designed them to be used but yours look better.

                ps "Get me a hammer!" free earwires offer ends end April, Mays free offer is going to be some sort of sterling silver & semi-precious bead dangle.
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                  well you said get me a hammer..................

                  love your earrings.

                  Anyone who hasnt used lavidalerie's site should go have a look, its wonderful!