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Officially got my first stand!!

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  • Officially got my first stand!!

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    you need something eye catching to bring peeps to your stall, if you have someone looking others will follow cos we is nosy folks.
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      pamper evenings run very different to craft the ladies are waiting for their treatments they spend more time looking , often they look go away ,wander about , have their treatments then come back to buy after they have thought about it ( i have sold some of my more expensive items at pamper evenings )
      plus the ladies go with money too spend rather than going out for a browse at a craft fair
      Take your kiddies bracelets alot of mums like to take something home for their little ones

      make sure you print flyers saying you do jewellery parties , and that custom orders are your speciality

      good luck and let us know how it goes
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        My first and only (so far) event was a ladies pamper afternoon at my children's school. It was very relaxed and fun. The women do wander round between treatments and chat. They browse, some buy right away, some come back later after thinking about it/seeing how much money they have left after they've had the treatments they want.

        I did very well, I took £183 over the table fee, which was £15. I don't know if this is good or bad, I went with few expectations as I'd not done anything like this before, but I was really pleased with that. I think a lot of people stopped to talk to me because I am a mum at the school and they were surprised to find out that I make jewellery. I think it was also good timing for me as it was the week before Mothers' Day, so I sold a few things for people to give to their mum.

        I also found decorating my stall with ceramic cupcakes helped a lot

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          i have only done 1 event - a pamper evening at my daughters infant school. The turn out was really poor (about 30 people all night). However i took nearly £80 even though there were 4 jewellers (I took the most too). It was a great learning experience .
          As for table covers, I used a (bright pink) double sheet, purchased from Shaws very cheaply.
          I have another pamper evening coming up at the next door junior school in a week so must look at my stock.
          Best of luck with yours.

          Oh also, I got some really pretty little pressed glass dishes to put bling rings and bracelets in from Ikea, and some wire mannequins for neclaces, something a bit different, off ebay.


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            I bought a double duvet cover (was going to get a sheet but the duvet cover was on sale and was cheaper) to go underneath my top fabric. This covers the table and goes down to the floor at the front hiding the table. I also got a pack of table cloth clip things which I used to clip it to the back of the table so it didn't slip off, which could have been a disaster with all my jewellery on it LOL.

            I did make (well actually my OH put it together for me) a double pinboard display. I don't think it's essential, but if you don't use one, you need to do something to have a bit of height at the back. You could prop boxes or something like that. You don't want the whole thing looking flat.


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              I think the pinboard gives a nice look but mine is too high! No sitting down for me as i cant see a thing. Was simple to make though. I bought 2 from Homebase (think about £5 each) then a long hinge (or could use 2). Connected together then covered in fabric (cheap upholstery fabric) and stapled at back. I used double sided tape to hold the fabric in place so was easier to staple.
              All my display stuff is from ebay and was relativly cheap.
              Post some photos when you are done.


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                Table cloth clips.!!! wouldn't be without em. essential piece of kit....
                not sure what width my cloth is but one piece is 3 metres another is 2 metres. covered around 12 feet of table and down the sides.

                It was a good job I had taken my 'spare' cloths and stock cos i ended up with an extra table free..... to fill a gap.

                Good luck hope you do well
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                  Wow, that looks stunning!
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                    Great looking table Lilac! Mines always looks a mess.

                    I did my first ladies pamper day last Saturday. I wasn't sure what to expect and for about an hour I did just sit there. But it wasn't long till the ladies started wandering over. I took £105 in sales and donated £15 of that back to say thank you for inviting me. I was also given my lunch (baked potato with cheese and a dessert if I had wanted it) and a small gift of 2 luxury chocolates. At the end of the day I did a small demonstration of how to make a pair of earrings. It was a very good day!
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