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Freshwater pearl quality

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  • Freshwater pearl quality


    I have been racking my brains and the computer to try and find a good supply of freshwater pearls.

    I took the plunge and ordered a few bags from a stockist I use a lot. When they arrived, nearly every one had really deep rings around them. Almost like they had been carved
    Is this normal for fresh water pearls or are they rubbish quality?

    What should i be looking for in terms of quality ratings. In the picture they didnt look as bad as that.

    I live in australia and im struggling to google a good supplier

    Any help with how to spot good qaulity would be great.

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    If they're "potato" freshwater pearls, then yes, the grooves are quite normal.
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      It is normal but they are normally sold as "ringed" pearls if they are like that.
      It's up to you if you use them or not, what I mean is if you like the effect and it looks good as part of your design then don't worry! All pearls are different and lots have markings on them!
      I have come to the conclusion you get what you pay for with pearls and if you want round or potato pearls with only tiny marks on then they cost mega bucks!
      I can't help you with suppliers in Oz but don't forget you can send things back if you don't like them! I do often!!!

      Forgot to say all pearls are graded and if you only want minor rings and marks you would need an A grade at least working up to AA or even AAA if you are minted!


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        They are quite normal although as a low grade pearl, they should have been very cheap. Not sure what you paid for them but you can buy in bulk off the Chinese sellers on ebay for around £1 per strand. Customers usually don't mind the fact that they have the "grooves" on them if the price reflects this. I sell 16" pearl necklaces with sterling clasp for £15, made up with these pearls.

        I also have some AA grade pearls which I sell a 16" necklace with sterling clasps for £50. That may sound expensive but when the two sets are side by side, the difference in quality is obvious and a bride will choose the better ones for herself and the lower grade for her bridesmaids.

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