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'Dry run' of my craft fair stall......

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  • 'Dry run' of my craft fair stall......

    Hi everyone.
    My 1st craft fair is coming up on 25th April, so here is what it looks like all set up.
    It's given me a good idea of what I'm doing on the day as well as what areas need to be improved etc.
    The table is 6ft long so its a good representation of the space I'll have on the day. I would welcome any ideas or comments.
    The only thing I still have to do is add price tickets/lables to the stuff and try to organise it a bit better into 'groups' of similar things etc.
    I have purple tissue paper and purple mini carrier bags to wrap the items in.
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    Looks great, like the height variations.
    How about some clip on lights on your high boards to accentuate your lovely jewellery.

    On other point, your banner looks great - however when people are standing at your stall they will not see it - how about printing the same details onto A4 - laminating, and then standing up on your stall somewhere.


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      Well I'm sat here drooling... so that about says it all!

      I can't see any pricing though. How are you handling that? *is nosy*
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        That's looks really good - I wish mine looked half as good and I've been doing this for a while now (I just can't seem to get the stall layout right).

        The only thing I would mention is that the necklaces on busts on the right of the stall look like they could be blocking the view of the ones behind them - although it could just be the angle the photo was taken at.

        Good luck for your fair

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          I like the cushions and cones!

          Agree with Jane re the clip lights (I'm sure there are battery operated LED ones around)
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            I agree with all the rest - and I like the little cones you have your bracelets on - really eye catching!
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              it all looks really nice to me,
              like the way everything is laid out,
              think the point about the lights that has previously been mentioned would be my only suggestion,
              well done and good luck



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                looks very good.

                I had the same issues with busts. Smaller people often can't see those towards the back. I would put less out and that way you can place them in stages so they can be seen.

                Have you got somewhere top wrap and pack and handle money etc?
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                  I like the coordinating colours.

                  Just a thought but could you put the necklace & earring sets at the back on some kind of higher platform under your cloth, to make them more visible? I thought they looked a bit hidden at first impressions.


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                    Very nice well done. You've obviously spent a lot of time on it. Yep pricing them all up now would save a lot of time later just don't forget to take the labels with you some do tend to drop off! The bracelets do look very nice on the cones. Good luck only wish i was there to take a closer look!


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                      Loads to look at maybe a bit crowded with necklace stand and two boards. I would say keep some back and just fill as and when you need it. I know you don't want people to miss seeing something they might fall in love with and but too much on the table makes it hard to see if there is some thing you really like.
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                        Well thought out!!My only suggestion would be to put fewer necks out as they look a bit crowded or put some of them on a higher level


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                          I also agree with many of the comments above. Lighting is absolutely essential in my opinion and also the lovely sign is wasted where it is. I went on a marketing course the other day which was specifically aimed at craft fair traders and was really interesting. Those were two of the points which were made. Anything below table level won't be noticed by customers. If you don't light your work, people will just walk by to another stall where there is lighting. The importance of clear and cohesive pricing was also mentioned.

                          If you want me to be brutally honest, I think the little cards that your earrings are on make them look as if they're bought in and not hand-crafted. I hope you're not offended by my comments but I know I'd rather people are honest with me. It's only my opinion though and others may not agree.

                          I do like the display though particularly the little cones. I also like the colour scheme - I should do as it's the same as mine!
                          Best wishes



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                            I agree with Glitterbug about the earings on the cards too but wasn't sure how to word it without offending as i'm sure you spent some money on the cards. I prefer it when they are just wrapped on their own. Somehow they seem a bit more special that way. Maybe you could try a piece of ribbon accross the board and hang the earings on the ribbon.
                            Just a suggestion. The cushions are a nice touch though have not seen them like that before i have a tube for mine but think the cushions look a bit more special.


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                              Looks really eye catching, love the colours you have chosen. Agree with grouping into colours on the display. I did that on mine, especially with the necklaces on the pin boards.
                              Good luck, i am sure your will be very successful.