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Bail for an OVAL shaped donut? Ideas?

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  • Bail for an OVAL shaped donut? Ideas?

    Hi all.
    I got some pretty glass oval donuts from Beads Unlimited a while ago but never got around to using them.
    I was fiddling last night with them and trying to make a bail from some silver wire, but the oval ends up spinning through the bail and sitting on its side (so that the 'long' side is horizontal, not hanging down the way) and it just looks naff.
    Can you get bails that work for oval donut shapes?
    Better still, doies anyone have any idea how I can make one? Don't really want to put them on suede thong etc, would rather bead them into necklaces but I just can't think how to make a bail that will stop the donut slipping onto its side.
    I've made loads of wire wrapped bails for my round donuts but obviously it doesn't matter if a round donut slips around as its equal on all sides so looks fine whatever way it goes, but the oval ones just look weird.

    Any ideas?
    The donuts are 35mm x 44mm if that helps.
    Many thanks!

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    I like to use reducing peyote or brick stitch to make a sort of triangle shape.... you put the thin (pointy) bit through the hole.... you should be able to get it tight enough to stop slippage?
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      I've got donut bails in Sterling Silver.

      If you prefer to make one, it may still be useful to look at a photo to see if you can replicate something similar,

      They're on the site under the category 'Sterling Silver > Bails'

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