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    Was browsing peoples jewellery on here came across the symbol for rebirth
    my name means rebirth/reborn... so now ive been inspired to make some jewellery with this symbol. And im going to sign my bday cards with it!!

    Isnt it a cool symbol.

    Maybe you could search your names meanig might provide a challenge! (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery

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    It does depend on where you look for your information.

    Here are more interpretations - who is to say which one is the right one as the triple spiral carvings still extanct were made before the written word came ino use. Triskelion and triquetra were frequently used in various works such as the Lindisfarne Gospels and Books of Kells and Durrow as decorative elements.

    Here are some more interpretations from various sources:

    1 Like the Triquetra the triskle is a three fold symbol, however its does differ in meaning. The Triskele is used to symbolize the cycles of life with in the three fold, or three spheres of influnce in the material world.

    2 The three spheres (Land, Sea and Sky) represents the three aspects of the material world that are contained in every object. Each aspect ever flowing outward and always returning to the point from which it started.

    3 The triskele is a Celtic symbol, and symbolizes the power of life and rebirth. It combines the spiral (often used to illustrate the cycle of life) and the number 3 is a sacred number, as seen in the phases of the triple Goddess. This symbol is also referred to as a triskelion.

    4 The triskele, triskelion or three magatama symbol, which resembles three commas or teardrop shaped beads chasing one another round a circle, is a Buddhist meditational symbol that represents the three aspects of Dependent Relationship which give existence to all functioning things.

    The Buddhist teaching on Dependent Relationship states that phenomena exist in three fundamental ways. Firstly, phenomena exist by dependence upon causes and conditions. Secondly, phenomena depend upon the relationship of the whole to its parts and attributes. Thirdly, and most profoundly, phenomena depend upon meaning, mental imputation, attribution, or designation. This latter aspect of dependence upon a 'non-material' mind is where Buddhist metaphysics parts company with Western process physicalism.

    5 The three arms of the Triskele are said to represent the regenerative power of the Earth Goddess to whom this symbol belongs. Birth, Death, Rebirth.

    6 The Triskele is triple spiral and is a pre-Celtic symbol which appears in many forms in Celtic art. Its meaning is lost in time. Celtic Christians believed it sometime represented the Holy Trinity. Pagans use the symbol to represent their belief systems which are the three realms - land, sea and sky.

    But despite all that the interpretation which you have found is as valid as any other and the significance to you is what is important.
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