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  • clasp issues

    I bought some lobster clasps for a commission, made up the necklace, was about to give it to the lady at work today, when I thought I should just give it a tug to check its ok... Theres a thick jump ring kinda thing on the clasp [came w it] and it wasnt closed properly when I went to use it. So I closed it as much as I could which looked pretty closed so thought it would be fine - turned out it wasnt, my tigertail came out through a tiny gap. which is really annoying as now I need to restring the whole necklace. (instead of using calottes I've made a small loop in the tigertail and used a crimp to hold it in place, as I hate having to tie lots of litte knots in the right place and making sure theres no slack like you need to do when using calottes.) I went to get another clasp and discovered its the same, the ring to connect it to the necklace is a bit open. And they're all like that... I dont think they're meant to be like that, cus they're really stiff and hard to close... Am i missing something? (assuming you've made it this far through my ramblings!)
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    Have you thought about using wire protectors? I think thats the name. They make the whole finish look better and protect the wire from the jump ring, plus they give it some substance so less likely to fall through the jump ring. Sometimes cheaper jump rings dont close properly as they are too soft. I find anyway
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      I agree definitely use wire guardians/protector, they're a bit fiddly but give a professional look and stop the problems that you're having. You can get the in plated and sterling silver.






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        that sounds like a plan, cheers guys. Can someone post a link pls tho as I have no idea what they are like or where to start!

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            i prefer gimp wire to wire guardians, i think guardians are a bit ugly


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              I'd never heard of gimp wire before but at looking at it on google it looks great for finishing off, something else to try


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                Hello there.
                If I am understanding you, the 'ring' bit you are talking about is the bit attached directly to the clasp? Are you threading your stringing wire straight through this?
                I've had a look at my lobster and bolt clasps and they all do have a TINY TINY gap in the loop. But I never thread my tigertail directly to the clasp, what I do is use a split ring or a closed jump ring attached to the clasp, then thread my wire/thread from THIS, as there is no gap in which your wire can then escape.
                Also, I have found that stringing straight onto the clasp can make the finished piece a bit fiddly to open and close when you try to put in on and take it off, there is not much flexibility. By adding that extra link it makes it easier for your fingers to get a hold of the clasp and do it up. I used to string directly onto the clasp but a few clients were saying that the necklaces were a bit fiddly to open/close, and once I started putting in that extra link of a split or closed jump ring, it eliminated this problem.

                Forgive me if I've picked you up wrong!
                It is possible to just open the 'loop' on the clasp enough to slip in a closed jump ring etc and then close it again, then string from this instead.
                Hope this helps.
                EDITED to add - by closed jump ring, I mean a solid hoop, a fused or soldered ring, not just a jump ring that has been closed! x
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                  Our lobster clasp has a solid closed loop on it, no gaps. These are available in sterling silver, 9ct gold or silver or gilt plated.

                  You could always use a lockring to attach your thread to instead of a jump ring with a gap

                  We also sell the wire or thread protectors (also called wire guardians) which are very neat...


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                    Try a mini splitring?

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