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  • Making Jumprings

    Hi All

    I have bought a jewellery saw and got the wire to make my own jump rings but I just can't find any madrels to wrap the wire round

    Can anyone recommend any sets or individual mandrels? My local diy shop can get silvered steel, is this any good?

    Thanks in advance
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    I really struggled to find mandrels too so I ended up buying a cheap set of doming punches from e-bay and these are great if you use the handle part as they are all different sizes!
    Helen x
    Helen xxx


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      Knitting needles!

      Charity shops are a good source of odd ones.

      It's worth getting digital caliper to be able to measure your mandrels precisely.

      If you want imperial sizes, then a set of transfer punches is probably your best bet.


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        if you look on ebay they have some of the multi ones where you can make 4 sizes i think they're about £2.99






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          Ha,ha! I use knitting needles too, works fine for me


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            Knitting needles, pencils, pens anything round.
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              Hi there,

              I use knitting needles, pens, pencils, plastic tubes - just about anything that gives the sizes I looking for.
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                I bought some dowelling because I wanted to make a load. But have used pencils in the past as well
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                  Mandrels in hobbycraft

                  Hi, I actually saw some in hobbycraft the other day. I think they came in a pack of 6 various sizes and they screw into a small base.
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                    Hi all, thank you for your replies, I have seen the multi size ones on ebay but they don't look very long, will borrow some of my mum's knitting needles for now I think. Might well look into a transfer punches sometime when I get a little bit more money
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                      Anything round really, idealy the harder the better and if you can clamp it into a vice so you can maintain some tension on the wire while wrapping the better.

                      Dapping punches are great as they come in all sorts of sizes, if you have a paticular diameter in mind try popping down to your local 99p shop and buy a cheapo long drill bit and use that, of course use the bit that goes in the chuck and not the cutting part.

                      if you are using thick wire and need to make quite a few when wrapping around your chosen mandrel maintain a good tension to keep the loops nice and tight, I used to clamp my mandrel in a vice and a "starter" bit or wire betwen the vice and mandrel, coil away and keep the rings close together, when your done or run out of room slip the coil off and slowly saw up the spiral tube you have made, the last rings are allways very difficult to saw but you get a nice set of clean cut and uniform rings.

                      Hope my blathering helps...

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                        I make literally thousands of rings at a time, and use a powered screwdriver (never a drill - far too much speed and torque!) to hold my mandrel - you need a snap in chuck for this. Then poke the end of the wire between the teeth of the chuck and gently apply power. Very quick and simple. Alternatively, clamp a hand drill in a vice and use this the same way. Much easier than trying to hand coil, which can get pretty tiresome if you're making a lot of rings.


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                          I use anything...pencils, tubey things, screwdrivers lol. instead of sawing them I just cut them with a pair of snips and give the ends a quick file down



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                            i use drill bits as I've got a nice set in .5mm steps. Just can't make more than 15 or so at a time and a jewellery saw.

                            Looking at building a jig at some point.

                            Googleing the web looking for designs.


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                              i got mine from ebay. just type in jumpring mandrels...

                              The set i got is 2 mandrels so you can make loads of different sizes. I find them really easy to use..... I think they are made by beadalon
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