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  • To Hallmark or not to Hallmark

    I've got 4 pairs of fine silver earrings in my collection (which will be made in a limited run), anyway - each pair weighs less than 3g.

    I know I don't have to get them hallmarked unless they're over 7g (can't remember the exact figure), but as my jewellery is targeted at the high end of the market I don't know if I should have them hallmarked as "standard".

    But if I do it will push the retail price of the earrings to roughly £112 - which I think even for the high end of the market is a bit insane!

    Not sure what to do...

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    Oops, I'm such a div. Take no notice, I realised I had hallmarking in the cost of materials section so it kept getting multiplied with everything else!

    *sigh* I think that's the sign to stop for the day. - Handmade fine silver jewellery - Illustration


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      I only get things hallmarked if I have to. I don't think most people are too bothered. I've certainly never lost a sale through lack of a hallmark, even on my more expensive earrings.
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        Did you know that if it weighs under 7.78g then you can use a 925 silver stamp yourself - providing you are genuinely using 925 silver. You have to be able to prove this to Trading Standards if they ever challenge you about it.

        So go ahead and stamp it yourself.

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          It's actually 999 silver, but I'll look into getting a stamp (I'm sure I saw one online somewhere). It's just that I'm thinking, if people do buy the jewellery and for example a pair of earrings are over £50, then maybe they should be hallmarked for that little bit extra in quality assurance and piece of mind. Not to say that un-hallmarked jewellery isn't of a high quality - that's not my thinking at all - I'm just wondering what buyers think and if it's worth going that bit extra.

          Although looking at my own earrings (presents from my other half), they all have the 925 stamp and nothing else - not that I have any idea as to how much he paid for them, but I know a couple of pairs are def. over £50.

          Decisions, decisions...:S
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            Interesting thing hallmarking. Here in Spain hallmarking is not required as law so a lot of pieces over the 7 or so gram limit are not marked at all. It doesn't stop the Spanish buying as the trade description act (the spanish version) still applies i.e. if it is sold as sterling or fine silver then it must be.

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              Hmm...I would have never thought it was like that in some other countries! Very interesting.
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                you can get a 999 stanp on the silverclay website, I seen it the other day when I ordered my barrel polisher. Its not very expensive. I would always hallmark if I had the chance to, students get a huge discount on registering and getting their stamp made with the assay office.

                hope this helps x


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                  Thanks Mollymoo - I'll go get the stamp from there. Unfortunately I'm not a student (it's been a while!), so no discounts for me. :S
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                    I think as you said, a mark of some description - either the 925 or a hallmark helps.. though isn't essential.. if someone takes the time to make and mark a piece just says "quality" really.. ?? especially on a piece of work that's more than a couple of quid.. just my humble opinion


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                      My opinion is that people in 'the know' will realise that the ear-rings don't need to be hallmaked.

                      And people who don't have a clue what a hallmark is or what it means will buy them anyway.

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