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Where to start in jewellery making?

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  • Where to start in jewellery making?

    Ive searched and searched all over the interweb and found little of any use

    I want to start making my own hand crafted silver jewellery, but im not sure where to start.

    Should i start with a less precious metal to practice with and move up to silver to save money?

    Am i right in thinking the melting point of silver is around 900 degrees celcius, is it safe or even possible to get these tempratures at home?

    Anyone recommend any books, sites or courses i should look at? anyone here willing to show examples of their work and give me an insight into the techniques and equiptment used to make it?

    I have the ideas, the designs but i just dont know how to put them into practise.


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    Hello Mr Ag, you sound all of a dither.

    I went on a silver jewellery course last year and i can thoroughly recomend it.
    Our teacher was very helpful and knowledgable.
    He did tell us of melting points but couldnt let you know what they are, brains not what it used to be.

    Definately practice with cheaper metals first, youd need the right kind of solder to go with the metal you choose, maybe start off which a cheap soldering iron from a DIY shop(silver classes would use a flame torch, you can buy those too but they are scary!!)

    I wrote a report on my course for this site, maybe Mr Media can give you the link.
    I will try to remember to get pics taken of what I made so it can go with the write up.

    But yep, in conclusion I recomend a jewellery and silversmithing course.

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      Thanks for taking time to reply.

      What course did you do and who with? how much was it? i called every college in the area yesterday and not a single one offers jewellery course so it looks like ill have to go private.

      I picked up two very interesting books on jewellery making, both of them are very general when it comes to materials so you can apply the techniques to all metals so i assume when you can work with one you could probably work with them all?

      A few questions the books dont cover though.

      1 - If sterling silver is 92.5% silver, whats the other 7.5% made up of?

      2 - what basic tools do i need to start making simple jewellery to start me off?

      I look forward to seeing examples of your work and thanks for your help


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        I went to a course at South Hill Park Berkshire with Dan Seddon, (he was in the process of setting up his own site, that was 6 months ago, still cant find one).
        There were a couple of teachers that did evening classes as well as sell their own pieces for a living.
        It was about £45 for a 4 week course, 2hours a go.I made a ring(shiny silver) and a tiara/crown thingy.Took the 4 weeks to do the ring with alot of help from the teacher.

        Your gona need some heavy duty equipment, if your working with wire you can just use pliers but if your working in sheet metal you need this huge cutting device that is attatched to a table!
        The blow torch that I mentioned earlier, not sure if there are professional ones available.
        Different solder, which melts at different temperature so you can make multiple joins without melting previous joins.
        A buffer machine which gets fire stains off the metal,files, saws, a proper work table, etc

        I wouldnt buy anything until youve tried it out for sure in a small course.

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          Have you tried city college manchester and manchester metropolitan university?

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            Hello there

            I would recommend to try first with less expensive silver plated wire and then sterling silver..My question is what type of jewellery making are you intrested in?There are few techniques you could choose from.Please let me know maybe I could give you some advice about books and tools.


            Ps.For simple jewellery earings you need only pliers, wire ( or findings),earwires and beads