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new member with white gold issues

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  • new member with white gold issues

    Hi there, im just a new member to the site and looking for a bit of help.
    Im a jeweller who works mainly in silver but have recently taken on my first 18 ct white gold commission for an engagement ring. The designing and making of the ring went well but i am very unsure of how to polish it?

    have searched the internet with no results so if anyone could shed some light and help it would be great


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    I made an 18ct engagement and wedding ring for my big sister. I just polished it in the same way as sterling silver. Just incase you aren't aware though ... the white gold you see in the shops has been rhodium plated to give it it's 'whiteness'. The natural colour of 18ct white gold is a steely honey tone (...which I personally prefer) but if you are wanting to rhodium plate the ring afterwards it costs about £20-25 to do at a jewellers offering that service. The ring will need to be replated every few years.

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      yeh a know about the plating Im just used to trying to get fire stain off silver n stuff and wasnt sure if white gold had the same problems.
      The girl is looking for a matt finish not highly polished so shes not keen on getting it plated.


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        Are you polishing by hand or with a wheel? If the latter, then tripoli on muslin with rouge on cotton flannel to finish.

        If you're working by hand, a buffing stick, followed by a polishing cloth.

        However, are you having the finished piece rhodium plated? If so, then your plater should polish for you before the plating is done.


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          thanx very much for the help, av had more answers here in two min than in a week of trolling the internet, would never have though to join a forum before
          just had a wee look at your site, some nice pieces especially the maille stuff. i have a similar bracelet think its kings pattern.


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            To the forum. I hope you decide to stay with us.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Originally posted by snap dragon 1 View Post
              The girl is looking for a matt finish not highly polished so shes not keen on getting it plated.
              You can still plate it after the matt finish is applied and it would look much better than leaving it unplated.