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Wooo I'm dead chuffed - things are looking up!!

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  • Wooo I'm dead chuffed - things are looking up!!


    Some of you might remember my thread a while back saying that a local designer jewellery shop had agreed to run a short term exhibition of my work. Well, for one reason and another (too much snow, media hype about the recession etc) the shop owner and I decided to leave my jewellery on display until Mothers Day so that enough people saw it to gauge whether there was a decent level of interest.

    I popped into the shop yesterday to see how things had gone and a few pieces have been sold, which is great, but even better - the shop owner wants to keep some of my work in there on a long terms basis!!!

    Instead of making 'one off' non matching pieces like I normally do for my website & fairs, I'll be producing collections for the shop so that it is clear all of the pieces 'fit together' in style and are by the same person. I''ve already ordered my beads ready for the spring collection and even though I only ordered them yesterday I'm now waiting impatiently for them to arrive.

    I also took my 11th commission for this month on Friday night - so I think things might finally be coming together for me as I was also featured on the front page in the regional 'Business Focus' section of our newspaper on Thursday and have already had several workshop enquiries too

    Sorry if this sounds too much like I'm bragging (which I suppose I am a bit), but I just wanted people to know that the custom is definitely still out there, and if you slog away at marketing & promotion for long enough they do pay off in the end

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    Brag away! That's fantastic news! A just reward for all your hard work, I expect
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      Excellent well done.
      It is not bragging it is encouraging others to see what can happen

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        I don't think that's bragging - that's sharing some really great news. It is wonderful to hear of others doing well and I am really pleased for you.

        Fantastic - no wonder you are feeling impatient for the new beads to arrive!


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          It's not bragging at all, just being proud of your achievements, which is great, I would be too. Well done.


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            Well done you deserve to brag
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              Just had a quick look at your jewellery and your pieces are beautiful, definately not bragging.


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                Well done!

                Just wanted to congratulate you on your success! I have been having a little run of good luck too, so I know how exciting it is, but also the amount of self promotion that has to go into making things successful. It's hard work and you should be able to brag a bit!
                I am having a 3 month exhibition at my local arts centre and hoping that will lead to more exciting things ahead. Keep on going for it, it all sounds great. Hearing good stories like yours keeps me motivated knowing that there is a market out there for us all, we've just got to keep looking for it!
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                  Superb news!
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                    Brilliant news, well done
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                      Not bragging, give yourself a large pat on the back (or G&T, whichever you prefer!). From what I've seen this Forum is about sharing the good stuff as well as support each other through some of the bad stuff and it's really good to hear of success for someone. Your hard work is obviously paying off so well done!

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                        Well done! That's great news
                        Let's hope we all get some of this good fortune.
                        I don't think you're bragging (much! ), like others have said, this is what the forum's all about - mouthing off when things are going bad, and showing off when things are going great!!

                        Let me know if you want to chat about joining forces over the summer, like we chatted about in Irthlingborough!

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                          Well done!!

                          You are most definitely not bragging you are giving the rest of us hope that things are not as dour as the media would tell us.

                          I really hope that this is an ongoing thing for you.

                          It's great to hear some good news! THANK YOU
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                            thats not bragging at all,
                            from someone whose very new to jewellery making, this is just what i like to hear to keep me inspired that maybe one day.................
                            well done to you



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                              I think this is wonderful news and not bragging at all. We should celebrate our successes more as nothing breeds success like succes as the saying goes
                              Chris xx
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