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    Do you find jewellery hard to express yourself with compared with other arts?

    I used to be intensely into drawing and art, collage printmaking etc, espec renaissance painting, then i didn't like the 'clutter' and think jewellery was more appreciated, also it is less time consuming often!
    So then you have to make something that
    -matches your style. Ive made things for ppl just with expensive beads but it wasnt something i'd wear just something they'd like, um pricey!! and simple.
    -something you would feel fluid in, doesnt get in the way
    -something that requires skill/technique??

    I find that my designs look easy to make and a lot were, but despite that i didn't like to complicate it. made some new stones jewellery tonight will upload tomorrow probs, I'm just going with what i like and not really trying anything 'new', didnt want to make something the same just in a different colour, ended up making a set and am gonna make something 'casual'

    I can't make jewellery unless I 'zone out' and become totally consumed with the pieces in progress, so i guess that is using espression, and if it doesnt look 'right' you start again. obv that requires something of yourself, as there are few set rules in jewellery making but if u don't go for pretty have to go for something else.

    i think rings can be really expressive as you have your fave colour/style wherever you go but i dont feel like i can make any rings look striking yet (have to get the silver perfectly round, scratchless and seemless- need the tools)

    Not meant to sound rambly, but have lost the will to bead/stone shop!!
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    I find it can be quite limiting to what I can make.I may think up something weird and wonderful but if I cant get the bits(as they dont exist)then the idea has to be forgotten about.
    I know what you mean about losing the will to make jewellery.Im going through that phase as something else has taken over, but I hope something will spark me back into designing jewellery.

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      Are you beaders or silversmiths? When I was doing it my silver pieces were like mini sculptures therefore art, therefore I was expressing my self.

      You can obviouly express a mood or a look when you string beads but I wouldn't call it art. If you are doing the beady wirey making intricate shapes thing - if you are copying designs you've seen then no you are not expressing yourself (except to say you are timid or lacking in imagination) but if you are creating new never seen before things then that is expressing yourself.

      Is this argument/thought sliding back and forth between craft and art?
      And I'll add another dimension - craft can be bad, it can be excellent. Art can be bad and it can be excellent.



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        I tend to think of 'craft' as the knowledge learned to create 'art' when it comes to beadwork.................I won't get into the 'seedbeading/stringing' thing though! I class this design as an 'artistic' piece..............
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          The - necklace - yup, I like that. It must be art .

          The art or craft thing.
          You can get folk who are happy to strive to be excellent crafts persons. It's taken me a long time to realise that's me and I'm not an artist.
          You can get artists with great ideas that influence people but their making skills are rubbish.
          So craft isn't necessarily only a means to making art.


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            I tend to think of 'art' jewellery as basically unwearable or totally unsuitable unless worn with a plain black dress to an awards ceremony, not for wearing to tesco's or the office.
            I would love to make something totally extravagant or outrageous but I know it would probably never be worn by anyone. So I make a lot of fairly basic jewellery that will appeal to a lot of people. I do try and add my 'twist' to them though with unusual beads or colour combinations.



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              Spot on, Silvermaid!
              The stuff I made at Art College could be worn but never has been, it didn't go with my dress or with the occasion.
              The stuff I made after I left was very toned down and I'm wearing some of it still, over and over again.

              Maybe we should chop art up into 'art' and 'applied art'?
              And we've got 'crafts' and 'arts and crafts'.

              So on a sliding scale from being taken for granted to being worshipped we have
              craft - arts and crafts - applied art - art.

              Back to the original question.....
              on this time space continuum put a smiley face where you think you start expressing yourself. Mod edit................ok...............

              I'll leave you to it. it's doing my head in.
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                Im neither beader nor silversmith (interested in pendants mainly, and just really like earrings but those are stylish rather than art!), and i don't like crafts so dont consider what i do to be crafting- just handmade jewellery its own category.
                I dont follow patterns just want something!!

                using the word in the feelings rather than mathematical sense!!: I thought whatver u make that u consider to be 'beautiful' is art... some people just display a box in a room and call it art, so why not. some stones i consider to be beatuiful if they have sublime patterns, cant remember what the ones I have now but they are like coffee/cream coloured jasper- I have no idea what to do with them.
                some things i make i consider to have beautiful aspects too but it's just commercial--- not art (like swarovski pendant jewellery)

                I think silverwork can be largely commercial cos in some silversmith courses the class is told what to make more or less, and most ppl wear silver
                love silver jewellery. i would buy some handmade silver jewellery but cant afford it! it can look really artistic and individual as said.
                maybe i could incorp the stones with some silver!
                i think long/chunky/dramatic necklaces look classy on larger ladies who dont want to wear the smaller stuff, they can look great with certain outfits like jeans. i like memory wire chokers at the mo cos theyre neat and showy!! though i dont know anyone who wears them i do!!
                also like the medieval/celtic style, so beautiful and stands out, but it doesnt suit me.

                One of my fave pieces i didnt make is a french handmade necklace made from hemp and toothshaped-stones in the centre its beatuful i think of it as fashion-art even though it's very simple.

                But you know u could make anything eve something really rubbish and someone would like it cos it will have a nice element or idea, ive destroyed things that have haqd compliments and wd feel gawky to wear/ be associated with it if hadnt started again haha
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                  Because I studied Fine Art, have a Sculpture degree and have earned my living both as a fine artist and what I call artisan jewellery maker I don't consider one more meritous than the other.

                  If you feel the need to express yourself and be creative be free choose any media you feel an affinity with and develop your own aesthetic sense.

                  If people are willing to part with their hard earned cash to buy what you have made and then actually wear it and hand it down to their children as a family treasure then I feel it's as valid as being an acclaimed fine artist with your work hanging in a rich persons home or exclusive gallery.

                  Hopefully being an artist/artisan shouldn't be about approval seeking or money making but should be about having fun, developing skills, being creative and inspired and then insipiring others.

                  Artists function as cultural trailblazers and need to experiment to move our culture forward, you can't do this unless you are prepared to ignore the norm, express yourself and be different.
                  Chris W.
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                    Trouble is it tends to be the more commercial pieces that sell and we all need to make a living. It's nice to make more esoteric pieces sometimes but you have to accept that they may not sell as quickly as the pieces that have a wider appeal. I've decided that during the credit crunch I'm just going to stick to my popular stuff. I know it's boring to make the same stuff again and again but I don't want to take any risks.
                    Best wishes