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  • Necklace movement

    Hi all,

    How can you atop necklaces moving round when your wearing them. I dont wanna make annoying necklaces whose clasp ends up as a pendant!!! But ive been findind that some of my pendants do that. Can it be helped?

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    Sellotape, or if youre really sweaty duct tape

    Nope mine do that too, but then the little chains are pretty and the clasps arent too conspicuous (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals) Vegan cookery


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      only way I know of is to attach the pendant to the chain, or what ever you use then it tends to stay put.
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        The simple answer is to make the pendant heavier than the chain - the same applies to bracelets. Gravity will do the rest.


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          But the clasp still runs down to meet the pendant even with it intact... i dunno most of my pendants stay it's the clasp that wanders! (not attached to the chain, just hung from it)
          The other suggestion is to not move then the necklace won't
 (1/2 marathons for World Society for the Protection of Animals)
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            I hook the headpin loop into the chain link so the pendant that the headpin is attached to, always stays at the front.Hope that made sense.


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              a dab of superglue to the back of the neck perhaps?

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                Not sure what chain you are using, but if thin enough you may be able to use crimps and a crimp cover on either side of the pendant bail to stop the chain from moving! This has worked before for me if the chain is thin enough and the bail isn't too big that the crimp covers slip through. Looks pretty too. However need to be able to take the clasp and jump ring off to be able to slip the crimps on.

                Don't squeeze the crimps too tight onto the silver, just enough to stay put.

                May or may not be helpful!

                Good luck

                Jo x
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