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Magnetic hematite CAUSING aches??

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  • Magnetic hematite CAUSING aches??

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    It is probably to do with the iron. Also I don't know if you know, I only found this out recently, but if you have heart problems or blood pressure problems you should not wear hematite, as it can cause more problems. Also if you are prone to negative thoughts or depression again it's a no-go as it apparently amplifies the negative feelings

    I was told this by a crystal healer.

    However, the Crystal Healer book says:

    "Good for spleen, blood, vertebrae, helps anaemia, backache, broken bones and fractures, blood clots, air and travel sickness, jet lag, insomnia, cramps and ME.

    Good for mental processes, thoughts, memory, dexterity and working with numbers/maths. Brings strength, love, courage and personal magentism."
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      I looked up rheumatism in my book and it suggests Chrysocolla + copper, garnet, gold, lodestone, malachite, melanite, sunstone or turquoise

      (Ive just found out malachite is the mood one not hematite)

      For lumbago it's fluorite (but this has to be tapped against the back).

      Although having said all that, different books and different websites often say more or less. I think it is generally down to the experiences of the writer.

      With all crystal remedies there is no proven scientific fact that they work.

      Although I have found that they do help, so has my sister. She suffered two miscarriages, I bought her a lot of crystals which are said to help with that sort of problem and now she is six months pregnant!
      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars