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What's wrong with using seed beads?

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  • What's wrong with using seed beads?

    Hi all,
    I'm actually fuming and will have to get this off my chest.

    Did a small craft fair at the weekend, very quiet but still enjoyed it. Two ladies approached my table, and one said to the other 'I like that red one', meaning a bracelet made out of seed beads. She picked it up and was having a good look at it.

    Anyway, the other lady took it off her and said, 'it's just seed beads darling', literally threw it back on the table, and taking her arm pulled the other lady away.

    I was stunned, and must admit, did a little naughty gesture (no one saw), and even 3 days later am still thinking about it.

    I love using seed beads, and spend many a happy hour in my own little world beading away. At the end of the day, it's my preference, so many beautiful colours, and sizes.
    Feel better now, sorry for the long post.

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    I love all the things you can do with seed beads. I must admit, seeing chucks of rock or crystals just strung in a row (even if in alternating colours) makes me think "what a cop-out, those are so easy to make!".... now, I know that's a bit unfair - but I always think of seed-bead jewellery as being more complex...

    I'd have made a rude noise/gesture too!
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      Some people just have no taste- or manners come to that! Ignore them, your jewellery is beautiful!

      (I love seed beads too! )
      With love
      xx pixiedoodles


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        Jackie thats awful, seed beads look so pretty and Im sure they must be really tricky to work with, hence harder work! I wouldnt worry too much, I suppose its something we have to put up with doing craft fairs.

        Your Jewellery is gorgeous, my mother stated how beautiful it was on Sunday, keep doing what your doing, its fab!

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          Some people haha you have to laugh don't you
          Was she looking for Rubys for £3 ?
          I agree seed beads are lovely and whilst not expensive they take a lot of working with - don't let her get to you
          Chris xx
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            As a seedbeader I tend to look down on people like that a lot more than they could ever look down on me! The problem there is that they see 'seedbeads' as something they find in Primark.......................and it sounds as if she spends a lot of time there. Anyone want to do my nails while they're out?


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              Love this forum, feel better already.


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                silly moo she doesnt know what she talking about!! i love seed beads use thema lot seed beads rock!!!

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                  silly woman, york work is lovely, take no notice


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                    I wish I had the patients to work with seed beads you can make some lovely stuff with it. I would love to incorporate it more into my work!
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                      Originally posted by Dizzydiza View Post
                      I wish I had the patients to work with seed beads you can make some lovely stuff with it. I would love to incorporate it more into my work!
                      I'm teaching in Glasgow & Edinburgh in April if you feel brave!


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                        Oh poo to her I say! I love working with seed beads and some of the intricate pieces I have seen (by other crafters) are truly breathtaking! Just seed beads indeed - PAH! Ignore it & put it down to stupidity.

                        Were you at Cosford on Sunday then? I didn't realise, would have said hello had I known!
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                          How very rude!!

                          I hate it when people talk about items on your table that you have spent a long time thinking about and putting together like they could do better!! i once had someone say that I had used some beads incorrectly! When I asked what she meant it was that I used them in a different way to how she uses them. Really didn't understand what she was meaning!!

                          I also hate it when people have a good look at what you have done and you just know they are only there to pick up ideas for themselves to make!


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                            How rude. Did she think she was at a boot sale with a comment like that?????

                            I don't make jewellery and could not imagine working with such fiddly little beads. I think anyone that does must have such patience!!!!!

                            Wherever you go and whatever you make there will always be one!! you can't please everyone all the time, but you will please someone!

                            Just remember something the wise and venerable Peter said to me- the "3N's" Noodles, numpties and no-hopers. Obviously you have encountered one of these-we all do!!!!
                            Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                              I love seed beads as fillers myself it allows there to have more focus on the select gemstone/silver/gold or other focal bead you choose, and allows you to match the backing colour to your focal bead/ or customers preference.
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