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  • Chasing hammers & blocks...

    Hi I've recently become interested in wirework & wish to buy a chasing hammer & block. BUT - I can only seem to find them on US websites - does anyone know where I can get one on the UK ?

    Also, as a wirework 'virgin' - what should I be getting - I have seen (from USA) an anvil style block - is that better than a flat block ? & should the hammer be metal or not ?

    I hope someone can help,
    Best Wishes,

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    try looking for a planishing hammer. There are various anvils and bench peg I think it depends on you budget and final use. go on youtube and look at some jewelry making vids to see what people use.
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      Try cooksonsgold online.

      I guess it depends on what you want to do. If its just hammering flat then id get a block, but if you want more curves then get an anvil.
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        Have agood look around, I've found that Cookson is not the best place for tools, can't fault them for gold and silver etc, but they can be a bit over priced on tools.

        Some hardware shops stock planishing hammers and small anvils.

        I now shop around, but don't go for the cheapest. you're can find the same good quality tools can come with a wide price range.


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          Look at Walsh's


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            If you have a local engineering factory you could ask in there if they have a small off-cut of steel that you can use as a block. They usually throw out the small pieces, my BIL got me one free.



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              I bought mine from Shiney Rocks (where I took a few classes). Probably not the cheapest you can find. I buy my wire from Wires (silver plated), Cooksons or Palmers cheapest for sterling/fine silver.
              Get a good basic book on the subject and work from there. I like 'Bead on a Wire' by Sharilyn Miller (Amazon).
              Most wire working books i have found are from the US so make sure you can convert gauge to mm for the wire sizes!


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                jewels and tools are a pretty good site for relatively inexpensive tools if you're just setting up.

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                  Hi Isis, we sell a chasing hammer, anvil plus other silversmithing tools and wires. If you are looking for a book on metal work Tim McCreight does some really good ones 'Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing is really good and for wire work I like Mark Lareau's All Wired Up which has some really nice ideas in it as well as basic techniques. If you're just starting out, it might be a good idea to look at a book on the subject - see what specific area you are most interested in and start from there, the books will tell you exactly what tools you will need for the technique, then you can be sure you are getting the right tools for what you want to do...

                  Best wishes

                  Hannah :-)

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