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  • Stall/table at a craft fair


    I have finally taken the plunge and booked onto a local craft fair. But I ahve realised I have nothing to display my goods on.

    Would anybody suggest what would be the best display options and where to get it from? I don't want to spend too much as I am just testing the waters.


    Much love,

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    Hello Deb,

    Where abouts in Coventry are you from? I graduated from Coventry uni last year

    With regards to a suitable table, try typing "tressle table" into Google or eBay. These are the types of tables that are supplied at most craft fairs and are strong and can be easily carried and folded up. Alternatively if you didn't want to spend too much you could use a wallpaper pasting table if you have one, or ask a friend if you could borrow one. However wallpaper pasting tables are not the best for stability but it may be suitable enough for just displaying jewellery.


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      Hi Deb,

      My first event was a 2 day market. On the Saturday I used a borrowed pasting table from a neighbour, but did so well I went to Wickes that evening and picked up another for about £7. Ended up with 3 of my own in the end, then progressed to the heavier ones from In Excess (~£30, weigh about 8kg each, but are really good!). I'd start off w borrowing a pasting table (if you dont have one that is) and see how it goes, failing that think Wickes and B&Q sell them for about £7. They're not massively sturdy, but fine for jewellery esp when you're starting out. Find they do start to bow in the middle after a while. If I was better at DIY I'd have built a support for them to sort that out, but thats a bit beyond me! Sorry, rambling....

      Oh, you could also see if your local village hall has trestle tables that you could perhaps borrow for your 1st one...

      Good luck with it!
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        Most craft fairs supply tables in with the price if not they usually have access to tables you can borrow/hire. I would ask them first.
        If you are talking about displays on the table then there are lots of cheap options. Cork notice boards ( check out the pound stores) are easy to pin things on, if you hinge 2 together they will stand up on their own. You can cover them with material if needed. Likewise picture frames with the glass taken out and a piece of padded material inserted works well.
        Boxes covered with material are also a quick and cheap option, and you can use the boxes to carry your stuff in.



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          I agree, msotly vraft fairs are inclusive of tables or you can hire from organisers, but the idea of lending a tressle table from maybe a church hall? is a great idea, mentioned above


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            On my soap box again - do not forget to take lights and extension leads


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              Mug trees make great displays for bracelets and keychains. And I bought some cheapo little wicker baskets from the local poundshop, put the cheaper things in there and people love to rummage.


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                Putting blocks of wood/anything under table covering to add differing heights
                always looks interesting.

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                  we are all assuming you do jewellery, if so dont forget a mirror, and some change...

                  Oops just looked in your album. nice rings.
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                    cd cases with a pad of foam and covered in fabric make great pads for pinning on individual items. I also make little foam cushions which also work well for pinning bracelets etc on. Try to get some height at the back of your table. Some people use tiers of boxes underneath the table cloth.
                    Best wishes



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                      All of the above and do you have a hanger over your radiator to dry socks? turn it upside down and hang loads of earrings from it. Keeps them all together on the table and people love to look along the rows at all the colours.

                      I've just purchased 2 lights from homebase which clip to the side of the table and 1 to my cork boards (covered with material) they are only £6.75 each. they have a goose neck to allow you to position them in any direction. I can use them at my craft table the rest of the time.

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                      good luck.
                      BCandy (aka BJewellery)