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Where do you buy your supplies?

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  • Where do you buy your supplies?

    I have just started making jewellery and so far have been buying bits here and there from Hobbycraft (which is sooooooooooooooo expensive) and Ebay!! But I wondered if you might be able to recommend any wholesaler / suppliers??

    I am after...

    Antique Style Findings
    * Jump Rings
    * Clasps
    * Hair pins
    * Chains
    * etc

    Beads & Pearls
    I have been using 'Fan Beads' on Ebay

    Jewellery Boxes
    * Tiara
    * Earing
    * Necklace

    Presentation Equipment
    * Dressmakers - to clip brooches to
    * Bust - to photograph necklaces

    Can anyone recommend the best places for these things???

    Thanks for your help!
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    check out the sales items in the high street fashion shops. I buy the most revolting things just to break them up and use the beads. Claires Accessories, BHS even Asda. I've just bought two long strings of small square beads black and silver from Asda and they are great for using with other beads in earrings.
    I might go raking around in charity shops to see if they have any old vintage beads.
    Good luck and happy hunting.

    Yes Hobbycraft expensive for findings. I source my stuff from e-bay. I like to shop at home with my feet up.
    BCandy (aka BJewellery)


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      PJ Minerals are pretty good for all your findings - they do silver and silver plated.
      And I like Noble Packaging for boxes etc, they've got a really big range.
      Hope that helps a tad. Happy jewellery making

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        Thanks ladies, any other tips?

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          You can find many items on Ebay but I couldn't find UK suppliers for the findings I wanted so I import directly from Beadalon USA. Beads I source from anywhere and everywhere, it is a very enjoyable part of jewellery making, you could try doing a google image search to source unusual beads.
          Chris W.
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            half the fun of making is finding the right beads and findings, take the phone off the hook and ban anybody from talking to you for at least an hour..and have fun sourcing on google....
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              You could try Potters for boxes:


              or Midpac:


              As regards beads & finding supplies, like everyone else says, where would we be without Google!

              If beads were still currency, I'd be a millionaire!



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                I use etsy for anything unusual and can usually source most basic items on their wholesale. Ebay is good for wholesale aswell, I find.

                But agree pj is great.


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                  it does take a long time and quite a few mistakes to find good suppliers but as has been said that is half the fun.
                  if you find you have a specific need the forum is a great source of help and information
                  wishing you a good journey


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                    Ok, I know I'm recommending myself, but we probably have a lot of what you're looking for and our prices are good too, with most items having discounts on for multi-buy.

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                      I buy most of my supplies from as I know that the quality is good. I also buy a few supplies from ebay but it's trial and error with it I'm afraid!

                      I have also bought from beadsforbeaders.