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Trouble with my charlotte crimps

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  • Trouble with my charlotte crimps

    Hi all, any help you can give will be great.

    Ive been making costume jewellery for a few months now and made a piece especially for a night out. It was just some heart beads on tiger tail wire with seed beads and crimps.

    As with all my jewellery i finish off the ends with charlotte crimps and attach my jump rings and clasps to this however, even before i left the house the long stick bit of the charlotte crimp came undone and the bracelet fell off. I managed to fix it but it happened again during the evening.

    My question is how are these supposed to be closed, I thought I just bent the stick bit over so it is a full circle and that was that.

    I hope this makes sense, if not please say.. Im starting to panic as I have my first craft show in a few weeks and dont want things falling apart!!!!

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    I turn the ends over into a circle as you described and haven't had any problems so far, all I can think is that you have either got a faulty batch of charlottes or your beads are too heavy so they are making the charlottes open up again.
    Sorry not much help really,


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      The few times that I've used callottes/clam shells, I've never had the problem of that part opening up again. Usually with me, the beadalon wire snaps by the hole instead

      I don't entirely trust crimps & callottes as a way of finishing jewellery, but that's just me lol
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