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  • Bracelet help please


    I recently decided to have a bash at jewellery making, and sort of jumped in at the deep end! I have pliers, wire (28 gauge good?) etc. In my wisdom, I decided it would be a good idea to make a bracelet for Mothers Day. Let's just say I have a new respect for you lot!!!

    My clasp is a toggle, and I would like to use Swarovski bicones, and maybe seperate them with larger beads. Would 4mm bicones be suitable, or are they too small? How many do you reckon i'd need? Are the beads measured from hole to hole? What size/shape would y'all recommend for the other beads?

    Sorry, lot's of questions!!


    ps. Very nice to meet you all

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    Hey ,

    First to have to know what is the designs. How is going to look like? Metal wire 28ga is good if you make a wire wrapping design. If you want to string the beads on beading wire (for example: soft flex) you should have the beading wire instead craft wire.

    Sworovski 4mm are quite small, maybe you shouldn't use anything bigger then 6mm. For example sworovski ang fresh water pearls always work. Ask your Mom for her favorite color and you will have an answer. Good luck

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      4mm bicones are quite small and delicate but do have a lovely sparkle(pretty sure they're measured from hole to hole as I've just checked some with my ruler!)
      How I would use them (but I am not by any means claiming to be an expert) would be to use a seed bead base in say a fairly neutral colour, a small number of bigger feature beads or fancy beads, then use the bicones to add a bit of sparkle and tone/ set-off the feature beads.

      Hope this helps but I'm sure they'll be someone else along soon who can give some more advice!

      Let us know how you get on!

      Helena xx


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        Hi Sticks

        I had a go once - but gave up - I haven't the patience - like you I really admire the work some of these guys do.

        Sorry I can't help with your question - but welcome to the forum.

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          hiya and to the forum

          It's quite hard to advise when we don't know what kind of bracelet you have in mind.
          Heres a link to how to make different styles, have a browse and see which fit in with your style and beads

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            Hi Beks,

            Personally, I usually decide which size of Swarovski crystals to use depending on the size of the other beads I'm using. 4mm are quite small but if you're using smallish beads to match, they should be fine. If you're using larger lampwork type beads, then you might need a bigger crystal to make them stand out a little more. You can either string these onto a stringing thread like fireline or flex-rite (but, again, knowing what your 'main' beads are like usually determines this). Or you can either fasten them all together using wire wrapping and making loops manually with pliers. I've got a few bracelets on my website and if you can see anything like you want to make, I'd be happy to try and explain how I made them, if it's any help.

            Just pm me if I can help - but I'm on my first JD already so can't promise what my answers will be like later in the evening!

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              I've never been in a forum before but I also have only been making jewellery for about 8 months. I've found that small swarovski crystals (4mm) are good for bracelets near the end by your clasp - because then you can still bend the stick part of the toggle to fit it through the round part of the toggle. But I don't use wire to bead I use the Soft Flex - its more pliable and feels good on. Wire is a little too stiff and eventually MIGHT snap from putting on and off.

              Just adding my two cents and hope it helps a bit.


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                I'd like to suggest that you boldly aim to develop your own eye for design by experimenting, you can put various shapes and colour together without completing your design and use your own sense of what looks good and doesn't. If you do this you can develop your own style and be unique.
                You might discover unusual combinations that catch the eye.
                My taste is occaisionally to use Swarovski 4mm bicones with tiny round silver beads to make bridal jewellery also matching them with freshwater pearls, chip beads, bits of shell and small gemstones.
                Experimentation is very enjoyable and it does help to have plenty of beads and findings to hand which means building a collection over a period of time.
                Wishing you lots of fun.
                Chris W.
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                  I'd definately suggest a beading wire like soft flex wire or soft touch wire (which is finer) they are so strong, but really flexible and come in a few different colours so if you are using translucent beads you can choose a colour that will look inkeeping with them. Or my favourite beading wire at the moment is the sterling silver extreme 925 flex wire. This is sterling silver over steel with a plastic coating, so it is really strong still but still super flexible and you can see the lovely shiny bright silver colour of the sterling silver. Because it is such a shiny, silver coloured wire it will match all your silver findings and you can leave sections uncovered to show it off, so for example you could separate beads using crimps.

                  I wouldn't suggest a craft wire or solid metal wire for a beaded bracelet as it will probably kink and if it does get bent lots from wear it could weaken and break...

                  Best of luck

                  Hannah :-)

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