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    i would like to make some dangle earings with chain, what size chain link would be best bearing in mind it has to take a jump ring but i would like it them to still look delicate.
    my head hurts looking at all the chains on the net. its difficult when you cant see them . i hate buying chain, i always seem to get it wrong.
    thanks in advance

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    Hi Sally,

    If you have a look in my albums and look at the Chain Earrings one. The chain I used is 2mm chain to give you an idea of how it looks. I really would've prefered slightly more delicate chain really, but it looks ok and I couldn't find any thinner silver plated continuous chain for sale anywhere!

    Hope that gives you an idea. The crystals used are 10mm x 6mm to give you the scale.


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      I like the smallest silver navette chain on Cooksons for earrings. It's quite fine but the links are large enough to attach jump rings if you want to, or to saw the links open, attach charms or whatever, and solder them back again.
      Best wishes


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        I have used 2.2mm link chain before which is quite dainty. There should be a thread on here about it somewhere - but I'm useless about posting links. Much smaller than that and you will struggle to add a headpin or jump ring to it.

        I hate buying chain too. I find it really difficult to tell what you are getting on the internet. The other thing that I have found is that if you're not careful it might not be strong enough if you want to add dangles.

        Claire x

        (btw. wherabouts in Leics are you? roughly!!)


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          hi, i'm glad it's not just me that always seems to get it wrong, i always get so excited when i get a parcel then find it wasn't quite what i was after
          I got some ss 12/18 trace chain from palmers it is really fine 1.7mm links but you can still get a jump ring on it and it seems quite strong.






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            Its a good question as I am lumbered with two 1 metre lengths of Sterling chain which is too fine to add a jump ring to What are my options for working with it ?
            Chris xx
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              Originally posted by Kiamyka View Post
              Its a good question as I am lumbered with two 1 metre lengths of Sterling chain which is too fine to add a jump ring to What are my options for working with it ?
              Another good question - I have a load of different "tial and error purchase" chains that I neither have the desire or use for. I find it really frustrating and would hate to add up the cost!



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                thanks everyone, thats given me a better ida of what to look for, will order some on monday and keep my fingers crossed
                claire im in ashby de la zouch where are you?


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                  I use sterling silver medium flat trace chain for drop earring, it is fine and light and the flat links catch the light and look a bit sparkly too, this is fine for attaching jump rings too (links about 1.77mmx2.1mm) but as the links are quite small it is great for earrings. I made some with three varying lengths of chain with turquoise briolettes on the ends, and wear them all the time, as they are light and go with pretty much everything. I've also used this on chandelier style earrings which worked really well.


                  Hannah :-)
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