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Critique of my website and jewellery

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  • Critique of my website and jewellery

    Hi all,

    Having lurked around here for a while admiring everyone's work, my website is finally nearing completion. I've been making bits of jewellery for a few years (like most people here, for friends/familly for presents) and decided before Christmas to take the plunge and have a go at selling it. I can't believe it's taken so long to get enough tuff made, listed and set up the site! There's more stuff to list, T&Cs to write, etc, etc. but I would love to get some feedback and critique from you as I respect your opinions more than my boyfriend (he's not quite tuned into the whole handcrafted jewellery thing!).

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    I love your jewellery, I especially love the pearl grape earrings ...

    It look very professional and easy to follow , pictures are well laid out.

    I am in the middle of doing a web site and it is taking forever ... lol so I know what your going thru, well I say that my husband is doing it for me ... lol as I don't have a clue.

    The bit about the seeds are poisonous, it may put some people off .... you are right to put a warning on there tho'

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more of it .!/pages/Got...28851500470172


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      Very attractive website, colourful, kept my attention. Well laid out and easy to navigate. Nice pieces, unusual, made me want to buy!
      Well done, I know how much work goes into these websites having done mine a few months ago.
      Best of luck with it.


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        Lovely website and your jewellery is fabulous. I love the way you have photographed everything, it's very attractive.
        Look forward to seeing more of your work.


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          Gorgeous Jewellery, really good site, nice & clear. Impressive well done

          Love the tropical feel about your photos, some great pics there!


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            Hi Clarita,

            Welcome to the forum!
            Your website is brilliant, and your jewellery is stunning! I especially like the clear photographs, and how the earrings are photographed on those leaves and hung from branches - it really sets the theme of the jewellery off. I know you are in the process of updating your site but i was disappointed not to see any necklaces yet! Keep us posted when its all updated, im looking forward to seeing more

            I am also currently in the process of moving all my images around on my website, and adding new ones/editing them as i know how important it is to have god quality images. well done!


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              Excellent website, I was disappointed too that there were no necklaces but appreciate it takes time to set up a site.

              As said by everyone else, the pictures are clear and the site easy to get around.

              Love the natural seeds used, really original. Well done and welcome to the forum
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                Thank you so much everyone!

                If you have a look at my forum profile and in my photo album, I have a couple of necklaces on there. I think I have 5 necklaces made and 4 bracelets. As you can tell, my passion is for earrings as I rarely wear necklaces and almost never wear bracelets myself. I need to write a a bit of blurb for the front page as well.

                Does anyone think it's a bit of overkill having so many photos in your face on the front page?


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                  Your website is gorgeous ... well done! I am however guessing you want things pointed out to you that could be improved though ...and I can only find one thing that doesn't look quite right. On the 'home' page under the banner where you have written 'Welcome to Clarita Jewellery' it seems in a slightly odd position. I would be either tempted to centralise it on the page or line up the 'W' with the edge of the first photograph if you know what I mean. Hope you don't think I'm being picky ...just trying to be of help

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                    Hi alibear,

                    Yes I am open to anything people think could be better or needs to be changed. I still need to write a bit to go on the front page so that "Welcome to Clarita Jewellery" bit is just temporary but I think you're right it does need to be lined up better with the rest of the page.

                    Thank you for taking the time to look


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                      Really lovely colours and nice and clear, well done.


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                        Hi Claire, love the images, the lush green leaves provide the perfect setting for your pieces. Looks good and I can appreciate the amount of time that's gone into your website so far. Been working on mine for last 3 weeks - think I changed my mind every day as to colours/backgrounds/fonts, etc!!! Today, I took the plunge and sent it live, figuring I can continue tinkering round with it as I go but at least I've made the leap!!!

                        Good luck with it all!!!

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                          Welcome to the forum!

                          I really like your site, as people have said, its really clean and clear. Love your banner too, very effective! Was going to say I did notice is that you say your pieces are one-offs, but you appear to have 3 in stock for some of the earrings, but then re-read it and saw its one-offs or limited editions - my bad!!

                          Let us know when you've got more stock on there, but it looks really good, hope it goes well.

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                            Lovely clean site, good use of colours.
                            I know the work that goes into building these sites, I am sure like most of us you will be tweaking all the time.

                            Good luck with it

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                              I think it looks great, you should be really proud of it. The jewellery looks fantastic. The only thing I found, was that it wasn't clear what the earwires on the earrings were made of - silver plate/sterling/metal etc? A lot of people (myself included) are funny about what they put in their ears due to allergies so you might want to clarify that as not knowing would put me off.

                              Good luck!
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