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Advice for selling my jewellery to a shop

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  • Advice for selling my jewellery to a shop

    Ok I went into a local shop today to buy some shoes for my son's christening and got talking to the owner during our conversation I mentioned that I designed and made my own jewellery the outcome been that he asked me to return next week with some stock for him to sell in his shop. Now this is where I need some help because I haven't got a clue where to go from here how much do I charge, do I ask for money up front and then he'll obviously put his own price on my jewellery help please?

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    Firstly, I presume your items will be "sale or return".. so you need to make clear that your items are their responsibility while in their care! - any they cannot return to you at the agreed time they have to pay the wholesale price... If you can get them to agree to this, it is less important whether they pay you for the items up front or not, though obviously better for you if they do.. Make sure you provide a detailed inventory of any stock you leave with them which has not been paid for!

    With price you have 2 options - 1) sell at your standard price and allow them to charge whatever they feel they can get for the items or 2) offer a discount or "wholesale" price..

    The problem with a wholesale price is that they probably wont be taking the volume of stock from you to make discounting worth your while, and unless you have a fairly substantial profit margin, you have little to gain from selling for less.

    I assume the shop is fairly local to you, so there may be issues about you both selling to the same customers, if that is the case, perhaps the best alternative would be to let them have the items at a small discount, and sell on at a small premium over your usual prices..


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      I'm in a bit of the same dilemma. My hairdresser has asked me to go in next week with some of my jewellery as she's going to start selling 'arty farty' (her words, not mine!) items. Another hairdresser has opened slap next door to her and she's trying to get an edge. She's already mentioned sale or return which I'm quite happy to do as she's my regular hairdresser and I know her quite well but she's also interested in my wedding tiaras - which being a hairdressers, I think could be quite a profitable line for us both. However, I do like to do these on a one-to-one basis myself with the brides to be so I think we're going to have to come to some kind of commission deal on these, once she's passed the interested contact onto me. And the prices have obviously got to be in line with whatever I'm listing on my website - which I sent live today!

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        It's a tricky one trusting someone to keep your stock. I currently have my jewellery stocked in a gallery and it is going very well. I take the stock in with a list of what I am supplying and we both sign it. She numbers every item when it goes on display. At the end of every month she tallies it up and sends me a cheque with a list of what has sold so I can check my original invoice to see what she still holds. With regards to price I work out what I need to make back and the owner makes it up to what she can get and she keeps the difference.

        I did have a bad experience last year when the shop that had some of my stuff just packed up and shut down. I kept ringing and emailing and despite the lying witch promising to send my stuff back with my money I never got anything back! She had told other shopkeepers nearby different stories ranging from starting a shop somewhere else to going travelling in America.
        Luckily I had had a few payments from her and at the end the things she had were only actually worth about £30 in material so I didn't pursue it but to be honest I didn't really know how I could have tackled it. I had invoices but what are they actualy worth? I've not been put off trying again and like I said above this time it's going well.

        Has anyone else had any bad experiences and what was the outcome?


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          Hi Libertina,

          I sell my ceramics in shops/galleries but it should work in the same way for you selling your jewellery. As mentioned above, it is important to write down a list of all the inventory of stock you are leaving with the shop/gallery owner - a copy for you and a copy for them. Also a copy each of the agreed prices for each item, which you both should sign.

          I have my own Terms and Conditions typed up on my letterheaded paper, which would be good if you could leave a copy with the shop owner. This is not always neccessary but it does make you look more professional.

          With my ceramics, it is stocked and displayed in the shops/galleries how the owner wants them to look, with their own tags, labels etc. The galleries ask me for a price which I would be happy to receive for each item, and then they add their % commission on top for the sale price. Each shop/gallery works in different way though.

          You could leave a pile of your business cards in the shop next to your display. Also if possible I always try to get the gallery/shop to list my details and a link to my website on their own website.

          Hope this is useful, and good luck!