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    I have decided to throw myself into the deep end and hold a jewellery party at home.

    I used to be an ann summers rep so I am not too worried.

    But what should I do, should I show a few pieces first and then invite them to come up and have a look, should I pass things around.

    What games, if any should I play.

    A raffle is a must for me, those are always fun.

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    It's really up to you - I'm very much 'hands off' when I do a jewellery party. I don't present to the guests, I just let them get on with it and chat to them informally as they're having a play with the jewellery and trying it on. They always seem quite happy to entertain themselves! I know some people aren't keen on party games especially if they want to just pop in for a quick look - a mate of mine was really annoyed to go to a candle party that she only really had time for a flying visit to, only to find herself stuck playing games with candles and unable to ecape .

    As I say though, it's really down to personal preference. Good luck with it! Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads
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      yep, im the same. Im hands off too. I dont have the party at home. I take my jewellery to whoever wants the party so im only there for the first couple of hours and then the party carrys on without me.


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        I have to add that games are a real no no for me, I cringe and make a quick exit - though I appreciate that some do like them, read your audience before starting games.


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          I tend to leave people to it when I do jewellery parties. Everyone seems to love to just 'play'
          I agree that party games can be a bit off-putting. A raffle is a good idea though. You could give a ticket for every £20 they spend or something like that. Then provide a £10 gift voucher, to the winner, to spend on your jewellery - that way there's not a huge amount coming out of your profits.
          Hope it goes well. Carla x

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            I don't do games, I tell them about my jewellery etc, I also do cards & wedding stationery.
            I do a raffle, £1.00 for 5 tickets, they buy as many as they want, I give 3 prizes, necklace, bracelet, earrings, it costs me approx £3-£4 to make and I usually sell between £10 & £20 worth of tickets depending on the size of the party, so I would say yes to a raffle, it certainly puts your profits up and you don't add that to the sales that the hostess gets a percentage of, so more in your cash tin at the end of the night.