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    When you get a grant through Business Gateway you are given this mentor type person who is there to advise you on business matters. My lady seems to think that i am missing out on a big market of childrens jewellery. Personally im not one for kids jewellery that is expensive. Maybe its because i dont have kids, but i hate seeing young kids with pierced ears and i dont expect any parent to spend £20 on a pair of earrings unless its a very special occasion.

    My mentor lady has kids and works with kids and is very keen about me doing a childrens range of sterling silver jewellery. Do people find it sells?

    I just dont think she gets that i got this grant to move into the more silversmithed type items that will hopefully be more expensive to sell as they take more work and i want to aim them at women to wear, not kids.
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    After looking through your online shop and gallery I can't see what made her suggest children's jewellery as a desirable line; it would be most out of place amongst your other pieces.
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      i had some cham beacelets that sold quite well but they took so long to make and that wasnt replected in the price so i stopped making them.

      I also do childrens elastic beaded bracelets. So sales.


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        From a parents point of view I wouldn't buy jewellery for either of my girls.

        I wouldn't say there is a huge market in childrens jewellery. I will take orders for children's jewellery if its wanted i.e for a young bridesmaid.


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          Maybe I am a little biased (cough cough) but there is already MASSES of silver children's jewellery on the market.
          If you do a google search for "children's jewellery" every single result will be silver jewellery for children (Apart from mine that is)

          Admitedly they are not hand made items, but I'm not sure you will be able to compeat on price with them. And in my experience there is a limit to how much people will pay for a jewellery for children as they do loose things on a regular basis.

          I suppose the only thing is to do a few small items and see if they sell. If they do then you have your answer. If they don't then hopefully you haven't lost too much time and money and you can focus on something else.

          Good luck with it!


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            If you don't have children and it's not the direction you want to go in, I would say don't do it.

            There is loads of children's stuff out there, and I'm not keen on most of it.

            Harriet on here hdflred, sells handcrafted children's jewellery which is lovely.

            I do make children's jewellery but only for my kids (my daughter in particular loves it, and makes a lot of her own things now - with my beads - grrr) and their friends and I did get one commission to make a charm bracelet for a 12 year old. I'm happy to make it if asked but wouldn't make it a feature of my work iyswim.

            Because I have children and am around other mum's a lot of the time I would say that young girls (8-14) in particular are interested in jewellery but if it's not part of your mission then don't give in to her pressure and stick to what you want to do.

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              'The Children's Jewellery Company' style of jewellery for me, would be the only kind I would consider buying for a youngster. I also don't like to see very young children with pierced ears, but that's just my opinion. I know quite a few young ladies who would love some bling, but I don't think gold or even too much silver at such a young age is going to be fully appreciated.
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                I have had pierced ears since I was 2! I don't think it looked bad. I looked chinese as a baby so the gold suited brown eyes. had tiny gold studs that I loved but I lost them! They were the kind where the lever at the back folds up.
                I also had small ladybird earrings which were really pretty. Didn't start wearing dangly earrings until I was 17/18 though!!

                Wouldn't bother with childrens jewellery personally unless you have the market already.
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                  I usually have a few pony bead elastic bracelets on my stall for the little ones and sell a few at every craft fair I also sell a lot of coloured craft wire rings to the teens but most of my jewellery is aimed at adults. Some of my other stuff is suitable for youngsters but I do not make things specifically for them.
                  I would go the way you want to and make the things you are happy with.



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                    When I started doing craft fairs about a year ago now I didn't make anything for children but often found they were the ones that would come over to my stall and the parent's would always ask if I had anything. I only had at the time paper mache heart brooches and little pipe cleaner flowers of which they loved.

                    I thought this was a one off but with each fair was the same, so I started to make little beaded plastic colourful bracelets and the kids just ate them up. You don't have to be elaborate just something simple yet colourful and you will find they drag their mother's too you, which in turn causes them to look and then buy.

                    Hope this helps


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                      Childrens Jewellery

                      Sadly I have also found childrens jewellery is not really much of winning line.
                      I have experimented with this on different occaisions over the six years I have been selling jewellery. The best route for sales I have found is through teaching children how to make jewellery and selling them the components, this can be loads of fun, rewarding and profitable if you have the enthusiasm for it.
                      I have one idea, my auntie gave me a silver charm every birthday until I was 21 years old, the resulting bracelet is a family treasure. I have passed this idea on to a few customers.
                      I also sell chip bracelets in birthstones they are inexpensive, only £1.00 so it doesn't matter if they break.
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