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  • How much stock?

    How much stock does everyone make up for jewellery parties and/or craft fayres?

    Also how do you display your jewellery?

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    I made enough stock to cover my display and table (about 20 necklaces, 20 bracelets and 30 pairs earrings). I measured the table I was going to be on before hand (it was at our school), and did a tester layout to check I had enough. Wish I had had a few more pieces put by though as things were sold, esp the necklaces on the pin boards, there were gaps.
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    I have not done a party yet so cant help there.


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      I tended when I first started to make 5 of everything but say had two out on display. You have to figure out what the trends are and making too much just becomes a waste and ends up in a sale bin or broken back down. Some items, say like memory wire bracelets I would make several colourways with diff size beads, so a little more of these were made.

      When I first started I tended to display on a table top but found that people can find this too much and too busy to look at. Also those that pass, if they are the other side of the room have no clue what your selling, so I found putting items on different heights helped.

      My stall now consits of 4 boxes which I place in 4 black pillow cases (bedding is quite cheap to get), a flat black sheet to cover the table and I did invest in two bracelet stands that each have 3 bars going across. With the help of pins I drape the necklaces over the boxes, have the bracelet stands at either end and between the boxes I found some wire book ends (stationary store), which I hang my earrings from. The main display of the table is more necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches.

      I will admit it takes me ages to set other thing....have a spare notebook! Jot down any item's that people look at, buy or comment about because afterwards you may forget which had interest and which didn't. Some people may look but's too expensive etc and you can adjust future items to tastes
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        One Offs

        I like to make one off pieces so would go for a large variety as I have found it unpredictable what is going to sell. If you feel something has the X Factor and are expecting large numbers of potential customers six of one design might be a good number to go with. Some stones are always good sellers, turquoise, amethyst and rose quartz.
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          I'd say you don't need quite as much stock for a jewellery party as you can take orders on the night. But for a craft fayre the display needs to look interesting and full but not too cluttered.
          Definitely try and display your jewellery at different heights. I display mine on pads that I made from foam covered in plain material. I attached thick card to the back and velcro strips. I then made some stands from mdf, painted them and attached velcro to these so my jewellery pads just velcro on the stands when I set up. Much quicker because you can get all your jewellery displayed on the pads before you go to set up.
          It looks professional too.
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            all very good advice.. it's always best to do a trial run table before your 1st fair/party.
            It gives you an idea of how to much stock to take and what works best where on the table.
            I tend to take a bit of everything I do because you can be sure the one piece a customer is looking for is the piece you left at home
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              thanks everyone, helpful advice

              hagar - thank you for sharing those photos, it has given me some ideas