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Buying mixed bead packs

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  • Buying mixed bead packs

    I'm finding it so overwhelming trying to buy beads to make jewellery with. There aren't any beads shops in Plymouth, so buying over the net seems only way to go.

    So far all my beads have been bought or given to me from family as presents, so used them all and now in a position to buy more, but finding that I need to have ideas of what I want to make before buying the beads, rather than having a selection to browse through!

    Am waffling here.... anyway, I want to buy mixed types of beads in packs (really like the semi precious types and glass and, well, allsorts actually!! )

    but.. I want to know what the beads are in the packs, so if I ever do sell them, I can say what type of bead they are. Anyone know where I can get such a thing? All mixed bags I have seen have not labelled what's in them.

    Cheers and sorry for going on


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    Mixed bead packs

    Depending on which beads you want to buy at the time, you can get cheap taster bags from Ideas-Unlimited. Last time I looked, you could get 50 semi precious chips for 99p so you could get a few & mix them yourself. Or you could buy strings from them or PJ Beads & mix them yourself. Uk*beads on Ebay has recently been selling mixed packs & is always very helpful.

    Hopes this helps


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      I would tend to buy smaller packs and mix and match, you know exactly what you are getting then and there are plenty of reasonable beads to be had out there.



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        Hi i like you was a little confused but now find it fab choosing all those lovely beads theres lots of people on here sells sum nice beads and ive got sum off ebay only strong advice to give is read the description as they tend to maximise the photos which can be misleading

        Krystal Dreams Jewellery!


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          Thanks - will have a look at those sites recommended


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            I have only found one mixed pack that tells me exactly what I am getting that was from gilco on ebay today but it was only different size beads not different types.
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              Originally posted by waitingformagic
              Just to add a +1 to using gilco and Ideas Unlimited - I've used them both and they were great If using IU though, be warned the beads are smaller than I expected so get a ruler LOL Also I've found the holes were too small for my headpins! But they do offer a fab service, they respond very quickly, ship quickly, and I've never had an issue with them AT ALL!

              Back to the actual question... It sounds so obvious but you could just ask. I know it's long winded (usually why most don't bother listing them in the ad, I guess) but many will actually reply with something quite helpful. I've only ever been ignored by maybe 10% of sellers on ebay or bead sites.
              So obvious now you mention it! Will have a look at the sites though and see what I can get - might have to so some travelling to a bead shop though!