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    I want to buy a work bench so i can make jewellery at home. As in messy stuff like soldering etc. It doesnt look like i can nab the spare box room to have as a work room (it would have been ideal!!) So i need a small one for my bedroom.

    Is there such a thing as a small work bench. As in the size of a single desk you got at school.
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    do you know any joiners that can make you one?


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      Nah no joiner mates lol. Also dont want to spend too much on it. I was thinking eBay...?
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        I have ordered from this site before and they were alright.
        I found some on here, there are better ones if you scroll down
        Is this what you mean?
        I like this one but I think it is too expensive for me
        MISI -


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          wow, they are all really expensive!

          What about contacting your local college. They might have a woodwork dept. Maybe someone there would be willing to knock one up for you? Just turn on the charm!


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            The Tim McCreight book 'Complete Metalsmith' has instructions for making a silver smithing bench - but only if you are up to such a task (I certainly wouldnt be)!

            You could buy a cheap workbench from B&Q and adapt it?

            Or, I saw a really cool product called 'Adapt-a-bench' in my most recent copy of Beads & Beyond magazine. You clamped it to the top of a DIY workmate to make a proper silver smithing bench with the jewellery peg, etc. I cant find a photo to link to, but have contact tel no/email of supplier if you are interested? It looks v compact but no idea how much £.


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              Faced with no money and the need for a workbench. I went into our local DIY shop and bought a potting bench cost me £28 just about strong enough needed a bit of mdf to fill in the top bbut it works fine, its about 2 foot 6 by anout 18 inches deep and stands just right for a small stool.

              Takes my anvil etc (must admit I have a proper brazing hearth) but other than that this bench is fine.

              Hope that helps
              Take care






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                There are a few second hand ones for sale at the moment on ebay, not sure if that is what you are looking for.



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                  In the house I use a metal framed computor desk, They are fairly cheap if you look around, and the sliding keyboard bit is quite handy for tool storing


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                    Thanks for all the ideas. Im really not looking to spend much so i think my options are either to adapt something from B and Q or ask my dad nicely to help. I can buy some heafty wood from somewhere.

                    I am also going to buy a pyrography machine so would like the table for both jewellery and that
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                      I've got 2 benches. One has a proper wooden frame with a marine ply top, the other is 2 kitchen cupboards with a space between also with a marine ply top.
                      Just cut a large semi circle (use a dustbin lid for a template) out of the worktop and attach a bench peg. It's also a good idea to nail some wooden strips around the back and sides to stop things rolling off. In my teaching area I have 2 high tables out of which I cut 4 semi circles with bench pegs cut out of the middles.
                      Best wishes