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How can I stop thread escaping through a jump ring?

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  • How can I stop thread escaping through a jump ring?


    I have made a few items now but have a reoccuring problem with finishing.

    Problem 1: Crimp beads moving along the thread to the end and falling off.

    Problem 2: Thread continually coming loose from the jump ring.

    If anyone could help as I am getting quite frustrated now

    Much love,

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    Ah, those 2 annoying problems I used to hate!

    1. Crimp beads - you could try crimping pliers, they sort of concertina the crimp then bend it over to look like a little bead (a crimp cover can also be used). Make sure the crimps are soft, some can be brittle and snap into lots of pieces! I got my soft crimps and pliers from Shiney Rocks.
    Not sure what kind of threading material you are using, it maybe that?

    2. Jump rings - if you do not get a perfect closure on a jump ring thin thread may pop through the gap. You could try a split ring instead before you crimp so no gap. Or maybe a spot of superglue on the jump ring gap?

    Hope that helps?


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      Hi Deb, not entirely clear about the first problem - do you mean they move after you've crimped them with your pliers? Re the second, I'd recommend moving to split rings as this will stop the thread escaping through the tiny gap that jump rings have.

      Hope that's useful.

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        Not sure I have understood exactly what you are doing but this is what i do for a nice secure finish.

        1) Thread the wire through a crimp tube and then through a wire guardian (also called cable thimble)which is shaped like a horse shoe and stops the wire from rubbing and breaking
        2) Add your jump ring to the wire guardian before you pass the thread back through the crimp tube.
        3) Crimp the tube using crimp pliers ensuring that the thread is on separate sides of the crimp. This may be where you are having a problem as sometimes you can reopen the crimp on the 2nd fold, its a bit fiddly to get it right.
        4) Lastly I use a crimp cover (silver open ball type thingy!!!) on top of the crimp to make it look pretty but I also dab a bit of superglue (v carefully) in to the ball and on to the crimp and then close it - you don't need to do this last bit but it makes me feel better about how secure it is!

        the wire guardian will also stop your thread from slipping through a slightly open jump ring.

        I may have completely misunderstood what you are trying to do but hey the info may help someone! LOL!

        Good luck

        Joanna Marie Jewellery


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          or you could use closed (soldered) jump rings for the clasps.

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            Thanks everyone!

            Thanks for the advice... I think I will invest in some split rings. guardians and a better set of crimp pliers.
            Much love,