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  • Does anyone else..............?

    PANIC when a fair is coming up?
    I have my first craft stall in less than 2 weeks now and I have been busy making for days.
    Now I am worried my stuff is too expensive/too heavily beaded/no one will buy/like it!!!
    I just want to and not come out til it's all over.
    I suffer from being over organised and am now worrying about silly things like the size of my price tags, or the kind of bags I should buy to pit the pieces in once sold - aaarrrggghh.
    Rant over (for 5 mins any way).

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    I dont panic about going to craft fairs anymore, I'm probably quite an old hand at it now.

    However, I still panic when I organise a fair and always think something will go wrong, fortunately, it never has and I am very organised with plans etc but I still panic like mad, so can completely understand how you feel.

    I think deep breaths etc (although I still dont stop panicking until it's all underway!)
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      I know just what you mean I have the same problem, did a jewellery demonstration last Saturday and was convinced no one would be interested - until the last hour when I was rushed off my feet with orders and requests. I have a craft fair coming up in a fortnight and I am no where near ready, need to be more organised like you!
      Good luck with your craft fair
      Janice Phoenixjewellery from


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        Guess it is finding something in the middle.

        Not too organised and not too disorganised. Not sure where I sit!!.

        I am a bit of a last minute girl - will let you know!!

        Keep chilled.



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          Im running round like a headless chicken the night before to make sure everything is packed up lovely and ready to go, Im not nervous though just get really excited about fairs, I love them, I love meeting all the other crafters there too and admiring thier great work!


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            Just go with the flow,,, set up when you get there and enjoy yourself. a must for all fairs have a good nosy at what everyone else is selling. and dont forget to chat to everyone. You will be suprised how fast the day goes.

            Have fun..
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              I don't have any problems when taking a stand at a steam rally or other agri event - I know what sells.

              However I'm trying a Craft Fair in late March and going round in circles thinking what to make corn dollies, felt bowls, soaps, bath goodies; then I think "Oh h**l! Have I spent too much on presentation/packaging elements?"

              Hopefully things will sort themselves out as I've booked into a monthly summer Local Produce mart (April - September).

              So I'm likely to have a last minute panic thinking I've concentrated on the wrong stuff and making a load of something else in a mad rush!
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                Thanks everyone, you have made me feel a little better
                Think the problem is it's a Ladies Pamper evening at my daughters school so it's all the Mums who are also my friends - strangers would be fine (I think)!
                Whilst being mega organised it does not stop me panicking at the last minute too (well, just every day all day really). Thats just me and i doubt anything would stop it!


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                  As this is your first event - think of it as a learning tool.
                  None of us get it right first time!
                  I do loads of events and I am still learning

                  Whilst at the fair make a note of, what works well, what doesn't, look at what other people do, we all learn from each other. You will find the other stalls very helpful (99%) of the time.

                  Network with other stall holders, this would be my best piece of advice.

                  If you make money on the day that will be a bonus, but you will have a load of experiences that are priceless.

                  Enjoy it.
                  Let us know how it goes.

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                    in a way i wish i could be in your position, being nervous of a upcoming event .
                    i have had the card and email of an organiser of a local craft fair for a couple of months. a friend who does voluntary work for them assured me i have a place as he has recommended me.
                    all i need to do is get in touch !!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Just go for it Sally, you'll feel better once you've booked it. I always find once I've committed to something I can move forward.

                      Good luck everyone with craft fairs this year. I haven't done any yet but my first is in March at Country Living in Islington. I'm an old hand at craft fairs but have never done anything on such a large scale before and it really is scary. I've got a manual which is at least an inch thick. Even the cost of having my name and a picture in the brochure is costing me more than I normally spend on being at a show. I've had to completely re-do my display using wall panels and lots of perspex. I'm very nervous that it'll turn out to be a very expensive mistake with the current economic problems. Ah well, in for a penny, in for a pound!
                      Best wishes



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                        Must be a really great feeling whe you've passed some of your work into new hands, and more room for everythign else
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                          Go for it Sally, then the real panicking can start!!


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                            Hi Good Luck with your first fair, you'll be great

                            I don't panic anymore but sometimes when it's a new one that I've not attended before, I wonder what the table set up will be like, what'll sell - that sort of thing.

                            And no matter how much stuff you take, someone will always ask for the ONE thing you don't have

                            Enjoy it and as others have said, if you get a quiet spell, have a chat with your fellow stall holders. You can be alongside the same people time and time again throughout the year, so it's good to get to know them and and when you turn up at events and see familiar faces.

                            Let us know how you get on


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                              How are you feeling? I take it the fair is not too far away (or have my calculations gone astray and you've already done it?!).

                              Hope you're feeling a bit more organised.

                              I'm still amazed at the stress these events cause - I've did a couple back in 2006 and haven't done any since cos of the worry it caused me, LOL! I did a jewellery party for a friend a couple of months ago and made £80 (not bad considering only 4 people were able to make it in the end!).

                              I think I'm like you - I worry about every thing - the presentation, how much stuff to take, how to show the prices - my poor husband has to put up with me setting up a mock stall in the kitchen every so often so I can get his feedback. He does try bless him, but he is more interested in football!!

                              good luck with it, make sure you have fun, and keep us posted on how it goes
                              Sarah x