hey, umm kinda new here, so please forgive any percieved lack of ettiquette

straight away with a question: how would i go about making semi padded leather wrist bands??

about 2.5 cm wide or so.

umm kinda hard to explain what i mean... though they may in fact be a common thing; i'm somewhat new to crafts in general.

i'm thinking 'leather watchstrap (the slightly padded ones that have stitching in patterns and the padding pushes areas up) except wider'

anywhoo, where would i start?? what should i use; leather or faux?? (bearing in mind its the look i'm aiming for, but if say faux leather is easier to cut/sew/punch etc should i go in that direction??

also what would be a good way of fasteneing the end?? could i stud it with like a hook-n-latch pair or is there something simpler?? or neater?? or quicker?? or whatever lol

i really haven't got a clue

anywhoo, much thnx in advance,