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  • hiya all

    my name is emma and i live in south wales,
    i have always had a love of jewellery and have recently started to think about making my own.
    after searching the net and reading a few mags my interest has increased loads and really want to give it a go.
    this where i hit a wall lol
    i'm really eager to get started now that i've decided to give it a go and i've got loads of ideas but no clue where to start, i'm going to go to my local hobbycraft sometime over the next week but have no clue what to buy really i.e how many beads? fastenings, tools etc, dont want to over do it at first but dont want to start and then realise i've not got the right things or enough of anything,thought i'd start with just a couple of bracelets and neckaces, nothing to complicated..........
    any advice in general for a complete newbie really
    hope to get to know you all in the future
    and thanks in advance for your help


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    Hi &

    sara x


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      Nice to meet you

      All the best. Auntie Peg


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        Welcome! Have fun with the shopping and discovering - it's half the fun!
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            Hi you'll find everyone here is a great source of help and very friendly.


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              Hi Emma!!!
              Welcome to the crafts forum!!! Well, how much and what you buy all really depends on what style you would like to make... The way I started out was by buying some jump rings, a selection of beads (can normally buy tubs with different sizes and colours), some headpins and chains. You will also need some wire cutters, flat nosed pliers and some round nosed pliers. This is a basic kit, but like I said before, it really does depend on what kind of jewellery you want to make.
              You could ask in the craft shop when you pop in-the staff should be able to help you out

              Freja xx



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                Hello & Glad you found us, wish you luck with your new jewellery adventure!! Dont forget to post pics when you have made something!


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                  Hi and welcome. Have a look on u-tube for tutorials on jewellery making. There are lots of ideas and you can see what tools and materials are used. I'd say try and be original though and come up with your own ideas.
                  Best wishes



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                    Hi and

                    Nat x


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                      Can't help with jewellery questions (not my thing) but hello and welcome to the forum anyway. You will get lots of help, advice and inspiration from here
                      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                        Hello Emma and to the forum


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                          Hello and welcome to this great forum!

                          For a basic starter kit you will probably need:
                          1. Pliers - you could get away with flat nosed pliers and a pair of round nosed pliers to start with but as you go on you will probably add to this with a pair of crimping pliers etc, but I would wait to see if you like it before shelling out the extra on fancy tools.
                          2. Findings - you will probably need jump rings or split rings, crimp beads (these 'squash' down on your stringing material to secure clasps etc in place), earring findings (either hooks or studs with backs), headpins to make earrings, clasps of your choice (bolt ring or lobster, toggle, box clasps etc - it's up to you what you like and depends on the style of jewellery you are making). Also, silver or gold? Black? They come in all different finishes so again, your style and preference is up to you.
                          3. Stringing materials - tigertail is a popular choice for many people, its easy to use, some places charge the earth for it but you can get basic tigertail on ebay on 100m rolls which is good for a starter, you can upgrade to better stuff when you get the hang of this! Elastic if you are making stretchy bracelets etc, or chain, thong, cord etc. This all depends on your style.
                          4. BEADS - this is the best part and you can get your ideas flowing here. This is all about personal choice and will dictate the type of jewellery you end up making. Just be aware of hole sizes on your beads and if they will fit the stringing materials you are using. Whether you use glass, acrylic or semiprecious etc is up to you.

                          Hope this (very) basic list helps, Hobbycraft are okay but they do tend to be expensive for some things that you can get much much cheaper on ebay or from some of our lovely peeps here who have shops.

                          Good luck, if you need any help with techniques etc, or get stuck for ideas then just post on the forum and someone will be along to offer advice to you quickly.

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                            thanks everyone for the welcome and the advice,
                            i've now got my list ready to go thanks to your advice
                            i thought i would try hobbycraft because i could actually go and see everything first, if its expensive tho maybe i'll just go for a little nosey and actually get the items off the net then,

                            thanks for the tips



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                              Hello and welcome!
                              There is so much to buy, it can be very confusing but lots of good advice on here.

                              Have you thought about getting a kit to start with?
                              Or a box of beads in a colour theme might be a good way to start until you get the hang of it?

                              Good luck and enjoy!

                              Helena xx