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    I'm going back to my jewellery business after taking my maternity leave but I'm finding things abit slow is anyone else noticing the credit crunch affecting their business. Has anyone got any suggestions on getting party bookings and such that they wouldn't mind sharing.

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    I think it's always quiet this time of the year. January was no different from last year; just a couple of orders a week. Things won't really kick off for me till craft fairs get going again. My first one will be Country Living in March. I'm crossing my fingers for that one as it's my first time there.
    Best wishes


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      1st 2009 fair

      I had no idea how my first fair this year would go after all this depressing news but actually it went quite well & I sold a reasonable amount of stuff.

      I did notice however that more people than usual took my business cards which is generally an indication that people like my stuff but can't justify a purchase right now.

      I think I will need to be more critical of where I go this year, it's great getting a cheap table but a waste money if there is no advertising or promotion. I'm going to be focusing on more established fairs if of course I can get in!! And ones with a more certain attendance eg my kids school fairs - the majority of parents go due to pester power & school heavy guilt pressure.

      I'm going to remain optimistic until I'm bludgeoned out of it!

      good luck



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        Despite all the hype about the credit crunch it doesn't seem to have affected my business really.
        You could always organise a jewellery party yourself or ask a friend to invite a few round to theirs. If you tell everyone coming to the party to also bring a friend and then try and get a booking from that party.
        Or, try posting some fliers in offices or hair salons. Offer a good incentive to give people a reason for hosting one.
        Hope that helps a bit x

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          Yes, I've noticed it really quiet. My main business is Bridal jewellery and I have had a few sales this year but that's been it.

          Having said that I have 3 brides booked in for appointment over the next couple of weeks and I've been spending my time getting some new leaftlets printed and doing some marketing. So I'm hoping for better this Spring.