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  • So many sizes!!!!

    Hi all ,

    I am about to start making my practise jewellery into the real thing, and thus need to buy all the sterling silver/silver plated bits and bibs I will need - but just took a look on a couple of sites and there are so many sizes!!!

    Is this mainly personal preferance, or are there common sizes that people adhere too, I'm talking earings hooks, jumps rings for earings etc..

    As a start, what is the most common earing hook size people use?

    My stuff is in my album, and if anyone has the time, what sort of size jumps rings are best for this size of jewellery?? (Not sure if that is a practical question, but don't ask.......)

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    It's overwhelming sometimes isn't it? the choice of sizes/thicknesses/materials - used to blow my mind!

    I have a supply of silver plated wire in 0.5, 0.8 and maybe a bit of 1mm. Most used is the 0.8 of which I have a big reel.
    Head and eye pins I tend to by the thin ones at 2 inch long - good for wrap loops (although i tend to make my own eye pins with 0.8 wire these days).
    Jump rings I have lost of different sizes in my collection but mostly use 5mm on earrings and 8mm thick ones on necklaces, but it depends on the price and how delicate/chunky it is.
    Earring hooks I buy sterling silver and they are 2cms at longest point 1 cm wide. I also have a few kidney wire ones which can look nice with small beads.
    It's a bit trial an error really to find what suits you best. What ever you do though dont buy those cheap findings kits from eaby, they are very low quality, esp the jump rings!


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      Thank you so much, that's been really helpful. I know everyone might do it differently, but you need a starting point, and until I've been doing it a bit longer and find what I am comfortable with I need a little help!!



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        hey there, i would just give one tip and not to scrim on the guage of the eye/head pins. I bought some recently and just feel they are too flimsy. good luck with it all! there are so many options its all quite overwhelming!