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A comission but hate the ideas!!

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  • A comission but hate the ideas!!

    I have a comission for a tiara which is to be for a child, she wants a burgundy crystal butterfly with feathers coming out of the side to match angel wings

    Every time i try and make up a design it just looks naff to me!

    does anyone else make stuff to order that they think is awful - how do you cope?

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    I find commissions a nightmare, I have a complete crisis every time in case they don't like the thing, sometimes I end up doing more than one and letting them choose which doubles or triples the work! That said the money is nice...

    The thing is people are commissioning you because they like your previous work, its good to remember that. Try to make something that you are happy with. Remember you are the creative genius and if you let them decide everything it'll probably look awful that's why they hired you! Of course thats all harder in real life when you have to deal with the folks...

    One way to work is to offer them a few ideas and let them choose one. That way they will have input but the ideas are your own. (of course what will happen then is that they will probably choose all the worst bits from every design and ask you combine them) But at least you're starting from your own creative work.


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      I am a creative genius

      I am a creative genius

      I am a creative genius

      ah well glad someone feels the same about it as me, i dont think its worth the stress sometimes!

      Its a good idea to offer a couple of options thanks


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        Thats a tricky one, but remember - kids stuff does generally look naff!
        Maybe you could sketch a couple of designs to show rather than make them up?


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          how about making a butterfly shape out of wire, then attaching feathers onto each side like a fan, to be worn on the side of an alice band, flat against the head.....

          If she is so keen on a puple butterfly with feathers, I am sure that if you make something that in your opinion is hideous, she will love it!


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            As mentioned, kids stuff does look a little cheesy... esp the stuff for 'girly girls'.... can't offer any useful advice I'm afraid, but I'm sure your creation will be brilliant!
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              arghh i wish! thanks for the support!


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                In my experience in other fields, clients always think they know what they want but rarely do, you need to tell them. Make something nice in the way you would with some of the elements they asked for and they'll love it.

                Not all kids stuff looks naff, I'm sure it won't if you make it

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                  Hmmm....... Don't butterflies have wings of thier own? Why does it need angel wings too?

                  I have been using some really cute little silver combs from for weddings. They are a good size for flowergirls, how old is the child?
                  I always make a couple of things up so the client can choose too.

                  Sad that people think children's stuff is naff




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                    the girl is 7, she is wearing feather angel wings on her back and a burgundy and white dress with butterflys on



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                      well, let's get the neg stuff out of the way.. yep, it sounds naff (and sorry, I'm in the camp that says all "ikkle princess" stuff is embarrasingly tasteless! )

                      On the plus side, they "chose" you.. perhaps ask why they picked you - if it was "you are the only person we could find" walk away..

                      If it was "you made something I liked" ask what it was, and use that to inspire your creativity!

                      As said elsewhere, someone says "Burgundy butterfiles and angel wings" without thinking it through artistically.. (if at all!).. if there is a reason for the colour, and components (butterfly et al) I would sit down and think how I would choose to achieve their aim.. and then perhaps incorporate some elements of their initial idea..

                      Do a sketch, show them samples of the things you would use to make it, and then give them the choice.. dont make more than one.. you dont like their idea, so why have 2 on your hands to sell if they decide not to pay?? !!

                      Oh, and get a spine! LOL - YOU are the creative!! yes they can have input for a commission, but at the end of the day if the finished article doesn't reperesent you and your style aesthetic, walk away and be happy!!! I once gave someone free rein with cutting my hair on the proviso that if it was good, I would pay, and if it was bad, I would tell everybody who did it!


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                        Not sure about the feather angel wings but could you get some inspiration from this.
                        Maybe you could make the sides similar to angel wings <><> with the butterfly in the centre.



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                          ok Sparkysdad, I will try and find my spine!! I agree im going to make one basic thing and then tell her how i can add more to it and give her a few options

                          thanks silver maid i saw those and they are sort of cute, ill put the marribou down as an option

                          thanks again everyone - this forums great

                          Oh and got my SRAJD through today


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                            Aw well done on your SRAJD that's great news.

                            Sorry but I think those bands look naff and I would be devastated if that's what people thought I was making!

                            I do think you will come up with something, can't wait to see it when you do!




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                              Angel wings on a butterfly????? not sounding good to me either.

                              I think you should try and persuade them to go with one or the other, maybe the angel wings as she only has one set of them and you say her dress has butterflies on it, so plenty of them already.

                              You must think to yourself (harsh perhaps I know) the general public have no artistic taste and that is why they come to you.

                              Show you're professional and give them artistic advice, the customer is not always right, especially where commissions are concerned.

                              If they don't want to be advised then they are not the right customer for you.
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