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Nervous & excited!!!

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  • Nervous & excited!!!

    I'm so excited at the moment but nervous too - a local jewellery boutique is running a 2 week exhibition of my work starting tomorrow!!!

    I'm over the moon at the owner agreeing to even see me, never mind looking into stocking my work permanently if the exhibition is a success, but I'm sooo nervous too, what if no-one likes any of my designs The shop sells quite a range of jewellery from £100's a piece designer jewellery to £3 or £4 a piece costume jewellery, so mine will fit in the lower to middle end of what she has already but it's just such a big leap for me I can't help feeling a bit apprehensive.

    I've barely slept this week, partly through excitement and partly 'cos I've been up all night making sure that the collection looks right, is all priced & catalogued properly etc. Bring on tomorrow night and hopefully I'll be able to sleep.

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    ooo exciting - best of luck, had a look at your website and you have lovely things!


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      Lucky you!!! Don't worry your jewellery looks great and they wouldn't have asked you if they didn't think it would sell.
      Good luck
      Janice Phoenixjewellery from


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        Wow how exciting for you, your items are beautiful. good luck

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          what if no-one likes any of my designs
          Silly question - the owner of the boutique likes them enough to do a two week exhibition; I think that says quite a lot as I expect there is a lot of competition in the jewellery market at all levels.

          Presumably the boutique is a reasonably flourishing business, therefore you would expect the owner to know what will sell and what won't.

          I'm sure your work will be very much admired and even if you don't sell many pieces during the exhibition (financial situation and all that) as long as you have business cards out you stand a great chance of getting orders when people do the have money and need to buy.

          I was going to say I wish you the best of luck, but I'm sure you won't need it.



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            That is soooo exciting

            That is fab, I am very excited for you. Would love to do something like that.

            Joanna Marie Jewellery


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              oooh lucky you!!! very, very best of luck but I'm sure you won't need it. Like the others say, you wouldn't have been asked to do a 2 week exhibition if the shop owner didn't think you jewellery would sell.

              Let us know how the first night goes!
              Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                Good for you!. I am sure it will all go well and just think of the publicity!. Well Done.

                Let us know how it goes.
                by Nicki

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                  Thanks everyone for the encouragement - I feel a bit calmer now

                  I know logic tells me that she wouldn't have agreed to an exhibition if she didn't like my jewellery (plus I did 'OK' with sales last year so I know people will buy it), but the emotional side of me just thinks OMG everyones gonna hate it and I'll cry

                  I'll let you know how it goes, fingers crossed it'll become permanent, but if not it's good publicity plus a good 'in' to other shops as this lady is very well known locally.

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                    Fantastic, well done you!!! I'm sure it will sell, your stuff is lovely. Let us know how it goes.

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                      Wishing you all the best of luck with this venture! How exciting for you.

                      Helena xx


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                        Oh that is fantastic, congratulations! I'm sure the exhibition will go down very well.

                        Good luck tomorrow.
                        Em x
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                          Well done to you.


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                            Hope it all goes well for you. Go on enjoy your success for all the hard work that goes into it.


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                              How exciting! You will have to keep us updated on how it goes! It is a really great opportunity for you, I really hope it goes well!