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New tiara creation - but can't figure out what's bugging me about it!

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  • New tiara creation - but can't figure out what's bugging me about it!

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    it sort of has two separate things going on there

    the arched bit and the side bits

    try to blend in the bit from the arch to the side a bit more gradually and it would probably look more flowing

    maybe a little more red detail right in the centre of the centre arch?


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      I agree that you may need to add something to the middle, it's not drawing the eye in enough at the moment.

      It's still a great first attempt though!

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        I think you need to add something lower down maybe on the band to balance it out a bit...........


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          Try also to finish off the base of the tiara in the clear and red colours. I used to do my tiaras without doing that but I find it much more of a complete item if I do finish it off.
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            to me tge stems are too neat couldu try wavy


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              The central part isn't very symmetrical - that's the first thing I noticed, so that would probably need some work, I'm also not sure if you maybe want to have some extra bead on the most central bit or not, something where the wires on that part all meet might be quite nice.
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                its great for a first attempt, the wrapping on the base looks very neat


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                  ace photo there!

                  the best technique for twisting, is to make sure the wire is perfectly straight before you twist. Use either a piece of kitchen towel or soft cloth, hold the wire at one end and run the cloth along the wire quickly.

                  Then grasp the bead, place the ends between good pliers and just twist


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                    Both of your tiaras are lovely, I think the first one wasn't completely symmetrical in the middle, but the lilac one looks great

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                      Personally I liked both of them! but I do agree with what Indri says about the red one.

                      Great first attempts though!
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                        very nice

                        I really like the lilac one - that is very pretty.
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                          yep firstly you could break the crystal doing that, secondly you need a really firm grip on the wire to get a good even twist.


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                            Congratulations took everyone's advice and the lilac tiara is absolutely cracking. That would definitely sell.
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                              I love the purple one. Have you checked the prices of tiaras on the web? There are loads that are selling for around £65 to £85 each. I think £20 is a reasonable price considering it is very pretty but obviously a simpler style and not loaded with crystals. I'm sure it would sell.
                              As for the first one if you moved the two outside stems down nearer to the band and maybe added some more red at the front below the arch I think it would work. I know the clear crystals don't show very well in the photo but in real life ( especially in the sunshine) I'm sure they add a lot of sparkle to it.
                              I made a tiara for my niece and found it was a lot harder than it looks to get the proportions right so well done to you.
                              This used 125 crystals and had two layers one in front of the other, She wanted to wear it like an alice band so the stems are not at right angles to the band like most. I also wrapped the band with thin silver ribbon to cover the wires.