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  • Fimo...

    I've been experimenting with fimo (beads/pendants) but am having trouble putting a hole for stringing through without it deforming the whole thing - does anyone have any advice on this?

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    I dont know much about fimo but what about letting it air dry a bit first? Think you do that with PMC before putting holes in (from what I have read)?
    Hopefully someone will be able to help you


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      I make the holes before I bake the fimo as I find thats the best way for me.

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        Do you mean that you are making beads and then trying to pierce holes in them before baking?

        What are you using to make holes? Try twisting a little as you poke it through, this may assist in the deformation.


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          I use a cocktail stick and gently twist as I push it through. When it's baked I sand it down. I've drilled holes too, but decided it was a bit dangerous using a massive dril, originally meant for boring holes in walls! It worked but I wouldn't recommend it.
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            I usually drill holes in my beads after giving them their "first bake" I then sand them lightly before giving them a second go in my kiln. I then varnish them and give them another quick firing to "set" the glaze. Works fine for me.


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              You could try putting them in the fridge to "harden" them up a bit, it might reduce the deformation
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                jus wondering do you use that plastic bead making thing ?? if so are they any good ?


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                  Iv got a really sharp pointy metal thing that seems to work quite well!!!!

                  I have got no idea what it is called - I bought it as a set of pottery tools (not very expensive) just because I wanted this pointy thing!


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                    I've got "that plastic bead making thing" (loving the technical term, tho thats pretty much what i'd call it)... It does the job, tho i end up squishing the beads when I try and put a hole thro them (hence this thread!) but i dont find it especially user friendly. I think perhaps it should be a bit longer and have clips to make it stay together or something - maybe try and pick up a 2nd hand one on ebay?

                    I dont hv a kiln, just use an oven, nor am i sophisticated enuff to hv a drill. But i think i will try putting them in the fridge for a bit first before piercing them (may accidentally on purpose forget to tell OH i am puttng fimo in the fridge, lol).

                    My main problem is longitudinal holes on pretty flat pieces, as I just end up with an unsightly ridge which isnt quite the look i'm going for!

                    I use either a pin or a cocktail stick, but sounds like i'm on the right track! Will keep trying, thanks for all the help guys! X
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                      you'll always get that ridge on flat beads as you're displacing the fimo. Definitely best thing to do would be to drill them once thay've been baked


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                        don`t know if its the same thing, but with silver clay i just marked where the hole would be then when dry used a hand held drill bit before firing to make the hole.
                        murano silver will be able to tell you better than i can