hey all!! I have done a tiara making course with the tiara school associated with the bead store which was a one day course costing about £90 back in november 2007 ... but never taken it any further. Now a friend is geting married and has asked me to make her tiara and i am a stay at home mum with time on my hands and thought id make hers and maybe start up a little biz doing wedding bits.But dont know where to start, obviously i need some sort of stock and would need to buy beads and stuff... not sure where to get supplies on a large bases to keep costs down???then not sure how the designing of tiaras and hair pieces really goes as i have only actually made the one on the courrse and now using friends ideas for hers.So to get my self going WHERE would you suggest i get my supplies from?? and then when it comes to designing and making what sells best?? and what gives you inspiration??Thanks guys! xx