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First night at silversmith course

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  • First night at silversmith course

    Tonight was my first night and though it was a little slow (12 in the class!!) it was fun.

    I experimented with drilling things, bending things, heating things with blowtorch and hammering things. We will have unlimited amount of copper but if we want to use silver we bring it ourselves. I made a copper pendant out of the square sheet i had but its not spectacular and il keep it for myself.

    One thing i discovered is that its noiser and messier than i thought and i hope my flat mates dont get annoyed when i can buy the tools to make stuff at home
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    It sounds like you had a good time!

    Maybe you could come to an agreement with your flatmates that you only hammer and clatter between certain times, or for a certain length of time each day?

    It will be good to see pictures of your creations as you progress!


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      I have been on my silver smithing course for about 12 weeks now (I do 3 hours per week) and it does start to move on a bit quicker once you are designing and working on your own pieces! i found the 'practice' stage very slow.
      Good luck with it, and do put photos up of your work.


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        Good for you! so glad you like it, it's better when the people on the course are friendly too! I found this with pottery, I only joined to experiment but they are such a lovely group I really look forward to going each week now!

        Can't wait to see what you create!
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          Glad you're having a great time on the course. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with some osrt of arrangement with your flatmates.
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            oh yeah, that such a good idea. Lets see pics of your creations!!!

            Just this morning the Glasgow Met College called me and offered me the LAST PLACE on a jewellery making course which starts this Saturday!!! Im so excited. Im hoping that it does go slow for me because i dont have a clue about souldering, setting stones, metals or anything. Up until now iv been more of a bead girl.

            I was a bit disappointed that they didnt accept ILA Scotland grants though. But Alan came to my rescue and paid ther £96 for the 10 week course. IM SSSSOOOOO EXCITED!!! (did i already say that?!) ha ha.



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              I too am pleased you enjoyed the course - so far. How have your moggies settled in to their new home? No probs with housemates I hope.
              Good luck.
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                Good for you Snow! I dont have a clue either when it comes to this sort of jewellery making but once you get in there and see all the tools you'l want to get stuck in!!

                Not moved yet I get the keys on the 10th Feb and i can move in then. I think il wait and bring the cats on the 11th so that there isnt too much goings on to freak them out. Though on the 8th i intend to go to the house and sort through all mine and Ross's stuff to see whos is whos. I said to him that thats what i am doing and when so he can come and help or risk me taking things that are his lol. There is a huge painting he got for me for my birthday that i am so taking and a few other things that are ours but i want lol. So if he wants them he can claim them, otherwise im taking them.

                I have a fair on the 7th Feb though so i am just thinking about that. The cats are being looked after by Ross's mum. They arnt getting much attention but they are fed and warm and get the odd cuddle. Theyl just have to wait for a couple weeks more.
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                  To right Amy! If he wants it he can fight you for it! ha ha. (kidding). I remember me and my ex sat everything out that was "ours" and he took a turn of picking one item and then i took a turn at picking one item and so on. that way it kept it fair and you always went for the things you wanted most.



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                    Now that sounds like a great fun night. My course started slowly and yes we also had twelve.

                    Once you start designing and making your own designs you will all be working on totally different things during each class. So you wont all be hammering at the same time.

                    There are so many techniques and learning those takes a couple of classes before you can then start thining of your own designs.

                    Have fun it sounds a great course
                    Take care






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