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  • Displaying jewellery

    Hi All

    I wondered if any of you could help or point me in the right direction.

    I have either a craft fete or party booked nearly every month now and want to get my display looking perfect.

    could some of you advise good things to use?

    I have a few black bracelet holders but i would like everything to look professional.

    thanks keeley

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    Some of the most stunning stalls I see use, glass shelves/mirrors and correctly positioned lighting - tiered - doesn't have to be expensive - a few pounds at B&Q and a bit of imagination!

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      I would agree, clear shelves and lighting looks great with jewellery.

      Other than that keep it all the same colour (carry on the black theme) else it looks a bit of a mish mash.

      Ebay is cheap for faux leather/velvet busts for necklaces or other jewellery stands.

      What about a large fold out board covered in black cloth (again velevet) to pin items to. Cover your table with similar cloth. Make sure you have a mirror too!

      I have also been looking into this so am very interested to see what others have to say


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        The most important thing is lighting. If your jewellery sparkles, then it's more likely to attract attention. You need halogen lights to get the best effect.

        I have 4 large perspex panels on which I attach jewellers pads with velcro. They're great cos they're specifically made for jewellery and look really professional. I also have some perspex shelves which go on perspex separators so they're tiered. I've also covered about 20 old CD cases with velvet that matches my pads so that each piece of jewellery has it's own little display pad on the shelves.
        Best wishes


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          Hi Keekie
          I have a huge BOX of busts in the garage you can have some of those if you'd like them. They're cream & look fabulous, perfect for a stall!

          If you'd like them you can pick them up on the 15th when you do the silver clay course

          Nic xx
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            I agree that good lighting is important. I know that some fairs will have limits on lights/electricity usage so you should ask first. IKEA make some handy lamps that you can attach some low cost spot lights that then can be use to highlight your display. There is nothing like a nice spot light to help the Swarovski crystals sparkle! Also a simple folding table helps - I know Costco has some small tables about 2x3 foot (if the fair doesn't supply). Two of them together, with some black finished edge cloth over the table helps present things well. Also a tape roller - my wife uses it when we do a photo shoot to pick up the stray bits of lint. It will help make your table look spotless so that the jewellery is what attracts the eye.
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              hi Keeley

              I agree lighting is important. I use some mirror tiles on the table to display crystal jewellery you can pick them up really cheap at interior shops, usual get them in packs of three. I also use branches from trees to hang my earrings on and larger pieces of wood to place bracelets and necklaces. I go through the woods with the children and pick up nice pieces of wood to use.

              Glass vases also look good to hang things on.

              Good luck

              Sally Wright


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                In Poundland they have a range of glass picture frames - all sizes and some are larger than A4- made from a sheet of curved glass. The apertures for the pics are just glued on. Peel off all the strips front and back then soak in hot water for 5 minutes- the glue strip then peels off easily. Give the glass a good polish and you have a lovely curved display plinth
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                  ooo what a fab idea - ill be off to poundland soon

                  I got some round mirror plates from a florists suppliers, they looked great when i did my wedding fayre


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                    It's also important to keep your stand uncluttered. Too many props could look too busy. That's why I use the CD boxes. Each piece has it's own space so that people can focus on that piece alone and not get distracted by anything else.
                    Best wishes



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                      [quote=Glitterbug;174113]The most important thing is lighting. If your jewellery sparkles, then it's more likely to attract attention. You need halogen lights to get the best effect

                      i read this this morning and have just been into town and noticed wh smiths have halogen desk lamps half price at £3.99 so i bought two.
                      now i just need a table, shelfs, coverings, and stock,
                      oh yes and some craft fairs


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                        hi all

                        thanks your ideas are fab i keep looking at vases and glass.

                        maruno that would be fab if your sure thats ok.

                        thanks all