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cost of hallmarking silver ring

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  • cost of hallmarking silver ring

    hi all, this is my first post !

    could someone please help me with the costing of hallmarking, for example a silver ring?

    i cant quite make sense of the breakdown of pricing ( blush)according to the goldsmiths price list . pdf attached hopefully ( i cannot post the url to as i havent made enough posts to the forum.. sorry)
    it can be downloaded from thegoldsmiths website.

    anyone able or willing to take the time to help with the breakdown for example hallmarking and testing a silver ring on its own ?

    Also what do they mean by "Application of sponsor’s mark"
    is that your own eg initials, in addition to silver hallmark?

    can someone help explain the handling charges,Individually wrapped items??Excessive (full) handling ??,Processing of direct packets ??

    thanks in advance,

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    You could have a look at this thread.....................there may be info you can use!


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      thanks Peter, i had already done a search and found that thread- very useful
      its the breakdown of the pricing that i dont uderstand.. jsut wondered if any kind folk could explain it to me , so i dont need to make a twit of myself when i ring the assay office


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        I shall leave that one to somebody who works with silver................ Welcome to the forum!


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          nice to see you here. Can't help, sorry, but someone will be along shortly with all relevant info for you
          God helps them that help themselves.


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            Hi Silverbirch

            I'm new to the forum and this is my first reply. I am looking into arranging a hallmark just now, and I agree with you the costs are really difficult to fathom out. I'm planning to go into the Assay Office here in Edinburgh to try to find someone who might be able to make things a bit clearer.

            Before you can have anything hallmarked, you need to set up a sponsor's mark - which is a geometric shape that has your initials inside. This costs just less than £50 to set up. This mark is then stamped (or lasered) onto your pieces, along with the assay office mark and the mark for the precious metal used. The cost of having individual pieces marked is, I think, fairly small. The costs do increase though if you have each piece of jewellery individually packaged, as they charge for unwrapping/opening each piece. This is the thing that I'm a bit confused about and need to clarify all the details.

            When submitting jewellery for hallmarking it is a good idea if you can include a seperate piece of silver that you have worked with eg a jump ring for chain maille. Otherwise the assay office will scrape an area of jewellery to obtain a small amount of material to test. They have to do this with each piece, as they need to confirm that the silver meets the required standards.

            Good luck.


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              I use the Birmingham Assay Office. You have to register with them and pay for your own mark which is your initials - I think I paid about £60 several years ago. It's really expensive if you send just one thing off as there's a minimum charge. You'd probably pay about £20. It's not too bad if you send loads at once.
              Best wishes



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                If you don't want (or don't feel ready) to go to the expense of registering your mark and having a punch made, you can use a hallmarking service.

                Here's a useful link - which includes a breakdown of costs.


                Hope that's some help.


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                  The costs do increase though if you have each piece of jewellery individually packaged, as they charge for unwrapping/opening each piece
                  .. thanks for your reply TOB.. that makes the handling charges a little clearer.. let me know how you get on with clarifying the details.. Excessive (full) handling /Processing of direct packets etc would be great to know

                  im going to look into registering ,and would be sending more than one piece at a time, just used a silver ring as example to see what costs are acrued for each piece.

                  mizgeorge-using a hallmarking service sounds like an intersting option worth looking into- thanks. unfortunately i cannot get the link to work .

                  only been a member for a hr or so and im already getting loads of good advice from this forum-- thanks guys!


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                    Hi Silverbirch, I've pm'd you the information in the link (not sure why it won't work for you, sorry!)


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                      Hi Silverbirch

                      I have just sent away my registration form to the Assay Office in Edinburgh, the costsare as follows:

                      £45 registration fee (mandatory)
                      £50 deposit for maker punch (the punch costs approx £50-£60, but they ask for £50 min deposit)

                      Items to be sent for hallmarking:

                      1-10 items - minimum charge of £10.50, plus the stamping charges ie., 13p for hallmark on each piece

                      10+ items - minimum charge of £15, plus the stamping charges (as above).

                      THerefore if you only send three items in to be hallmarked, the minimum charge would be £10.50, plus the individual hallmarking fees.

                      The whole process of registering and getting your punch made is approximately 3 weeks, but this may depend on the individual assay office.

                      I hope this helps.

                      I was also like yourself, I had to phone the Assay Office twice to understand the structure of the charges.
                      Take care

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                        The cost of registering and having your own punch is about £70.00

                        After that the cost of each item is around 50p

                        There is a minumum charge of about £20.00 inc VAT

                        There are a number of hallmarking services that charge around £2.00 per item, good if you have a few items.



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                          You also have to factor in the postage costs both ways at Special Delivery.
                          Best wishes



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                            Overall it can be pretty expensive getting things hallmarked. Even if you exclude the cost of your own mark, it really adds up. I'd say the trick is to send as many things away as possible at once. I sent eight things away once, then not long after 20 and the cost was about the same.

                            As Glitterbug says, the postage costs really do hike things up.

                            Have to say, I still don't understand their pricing system and having spoken to someone who's used it for years, I was not that surprised to find out he still didn't understand it either!

                            But might try giving them a ring as that seems to have helped some other people.