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Where do you get your beads?

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  • Where do you get your beads?

    Just wondering if anyone could recommend good bead websites for me to use in the future?

    I have had some stuff from beads direct in the past, but not as much choice as I would like! (I dont ask for much lol!)

    I had some lovely square glass beads with flowers on which are gorgeous, but they dont do much else like it, so I would really like to find somewhere that does. I cant really afford "proper" lampwork beads at the moment, and they are a bit big really anyway.

    Anyone have a favourite supplier / site?

    Claire x

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    I get mine from everywhere, I try to buy wholesale as much as possible as it saves in the long run, but I also use ebay ( i know with ebay i'm going to get my beads quickly , so useful if you need them quick ), beadsbylili has some lovely big beads as well.
    I always check the sales on any bead site as well, sometimes you get a nice little bargain
    and also the recommendations from everybody on here are always worth a look

    a few beadsites

    hope they help
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      heres a few select ones from my collection

      BeadsByLili - Mel there is always really useful with decent P&P

      SilverMoon Beads - Used these many times in the past. Never had a problem and also good P&P

      PJ Beads - Great site with great discounds on various products again good P&P.

      Hope this helps to get you started

      someone got there first


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        I buy in all sorts of places.

        Here are some places I like that haven't been suggested already:

        Just Beads

        The Bead Store

        The Bead Shop

        Bluestreak Beads

        Kernow Craft

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          How about a good place for porcelain ones?
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            Just found this for porcelain, but have never used them. Also I go to the Creative Beadcraft shop, they have some fab ceramic beads. I've never bought online from them but they do mail order, and I love the shop.

            Just Beads in my list above is a forum member.
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              so is Mel at Beadsbylili


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                Thanks for the suggestions, it's good to get recommendations from experience rather than just randomly searching the net!

                I have found some gorgeous beads which are just the kind of thing I was looking for on the beads unlimited site, which is great!

                And I will be investigating all the others to make sure Im not missing out on anything better lol!



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                  I get most of my findings from Sanctury Beads on Ebay, and my beads from The Bead Shed in Carlisle (also on Ebay... but I love going up there for a visit)

                  Most of my lampies have come from one particular designer/creator/glass lady, but they have been through swaps. I just need to stop stroking them and actually make them into something


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                    I like using jillybeads they always send a little thank you(a small packet of beads) it adds to the excitement of getting the parcel






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                      We also use jillybeads - they have a great range, do some fantastic clearance offers, and get your order to you really quickly.

                      We've been known to use a couple of US places, when we can't get particular Swaros in the UK - don't really LIKE doing it, but needs must (or should that be, Beads Must?)
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                        I'm not 'faithful' to 1 supplier as such with any of my beads as I tend to buy what takes my fancy as I see it, but there are 100's of good bead suppliers on ebay, Sanctuary, Georgie Girls Gems, Tryacs Trasures & Beady Papers are just a few I have found to be good.

                        I would also recommend Beadservice who posts on here, I have ordered a couple of times from her, and have received a quick & reliable service. Her prices are very competitive too.

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                          Used to buy from JulesGems before they closed down, now I mainly buy from E-Beads. Great choice, prices and quick delivery.

                          Sometimes go to Beads Direct, but the high P&P puts me off if I only need a small order.
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                            I get my beads from all over the place too!
                            The 2 bead shops in Bath are;
                            bijoux beads
                            shiney rocks
                            (sorry, cant post URLs yet).
                            I personally prefer Shiney Rocks as are more my style, but both are nice, although Bijoux is expensive.
                            Other than that I buy from ebay or at bead sales. Luckily my Mum works for a company that imports furniture from Indian, and that included beads for a while so lots from there too.


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                              I have used a lot of the ones mentioned before & also run by 2 sisters & it used to be an e bay shop. Very helpful & quick delivery, also have a loyalty scheme.