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A few jewellery making questions . .

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  • A few jewellery making questions . .

    I have decided to make myself a couple of beaded watches, I have lots of ideas and inspiration but not much jewellery making knowledge or experience!

    So I need some help!

    I have found out that I need to use 49 strand wire to string the beads on as I am planning to use a few swavaroski crystals on it. But there are different sizes of this wire! Which would be best - the finest or the thickest?! And what size crimp beads would I need to use on this?

    Also, I am going to use lobster clasps to fasten them - what else do I need to go with these? Just a jump ring for the other end, or do I need something else as well?

    Last questions - I have promised my Mum I will make her a magnetic bracelet as hers has broken. She wants those hematite beads that are coloured to look like pearls on it but I cant seem to find any, although I have seen them in the past. Any ideas where to get them? And she wants the bracelet on elastic, but again there are loads of different types. Which is the best? I have seen something called stretch magic I think - is that any good? And what size crimp beads for this?

    Sorry for so many questions! I think I may be trying to run before I can work, but I like to dive straight in!!!

    Claire x