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Fabric/texturing issue?

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  • Fabric/texturing issue?

    I love texturing metal with fabric and so far have only done it experimentally, not for profit. If I were to sell items that I'd textured with fabrics that someone else has designed and made, are there any legal/copyright rules that I need to be aware of? Coz I really don't want to get sued or put in prison

    Thank ye

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    do you mean use fabrics which you have bought at, say a patchwork shop? I use these fabrics in my mini quilts and many sewing projects, the fact that you are incorporating them into a design of your own, should not be a problem.

    The problem would be if you manufactured the said fabric and copied the design, the chances of any of us doing this I think is remote and would be very costly, I would say you are okay, the design is copyrighted not the actual fabric. If it was a lot of us would be in trouble and joining you behind bars.


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      I don't know yet, but you should probably say that the design is from ready made fabric and not etched on etc...
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        Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
        do you mean use fabrics which you have bought at, say a patchwork shop? .

        Not yet. So far I've been using ancient stuff from my old dressing up box. Although the patchwork shop's not a bad idea for when I run out of stuff I already have


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          I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem as it's only the texture you're using, not the actual fabric. I'm assuming you're putting it through a rolling mill?
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            I haven't a clue what you mean but it sounds like it's ok to me?
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