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Will any material be ok against earrings?

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  • Will any material be ok against earrings?

    Hi all

    Just a quick question.....

    I am thinking of displaying my jewellery on a picture frame, first my plan is to insert white foamy stuff where the picture goes in and then will cover it with material-ideally velvet. Does it have to be velvet or will it be ok to use any material?



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    this really, depends on what you want to use. The material doesnt have to be anything, any material shound be ok for this


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      I think the colour is more important than the type of fabric. I got some blue velvet, thinking it would look lovely, but the jewellery doesn't stand out against the colour. I ended up using an old cream satin-y cotton curtain which looked loads better! Velvet does look great but what about seeing what colour is predominant in your earrings and using a neutral contrast to that?
      Good luck!


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        Are you planning to use pins or just insert the earwires into the fabric/foam.
        You really need to look for something that won't mark too much. Velvet really marks.
        Best wishes


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          I've also seen people use a types of hessian. But I think it would depend on your style of jewellery

          Ethinic, shell, bali silver, chunky gemstone style of jewellery could look against a hessian

          Whereas, twinkly & sparkley jewellery would look good against velvet

          Pick a fabric colour that will contrast with the jewellery you've made and check it won't mark easily with pin holes.


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            The only problem with velvet is that it collects/shows up dust easily!! so look out
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              We use garden seed trays (the big ones) fixed to the wall, then lined with dense foam, the type used for camping roll out sleeping mats, this stuff holds the ear wire well, and lasts for about 6 months of constant use. You can spray it any color you want as long as you use the spray paint that doesnt react with plastic.
              A tip is to buy the expensive type of mat, it will cost you about £7 a mat but works a lot better than cheap stuff.
              Would love to find a supplier of the foam to buy by the roll but not had any luck so far.


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                Thanks for all the useful advice. I didn't end up using any material in the end as the earrings looked perfect when i put them straight onto the foam. The foam i am using is just perfect the way it is and it is pure white so all the earrings look fab against it. Now all i have to do is wait and see how many get sold. I am displaying them at my friends salon at her home but i have remembered to keep the frame covered with clear plastic. Fingers crossed!!


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                  Hi, it's posible to make nice stands for display using acrilyc sheet that you can buy from a graphics shop, it comes clear or opauque


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                    Hey thanks Paddysam

                    i will keep that in mind in the future